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Save Mount Zion!! King David's Tomb Must Remain Jewish-Israeli

Listen to Jewish Israel's Ellen Horowitz talk to Arutz 7's Tamar Yona talk about the dangers of the Vatican takeover on Mount Zion.

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JewishIsrael's content and research director, Ellen Horowitz, was interviewed by Israel National Radio on their show, News & Call-In with Tamar Yonah on May 5, 2014.
For prerequisite information on the subject of this interview, read JewishIsrael'smost recent article on this matter, Questions Continue to Loom Over Mount Zion as Pope Prepares to Visit Israel.
As we all know, the actual building is from crusader time which was a thousand years ago and a thousand years after Jesus's death. So the room is not where Jesus ate his "last seder meal." Yes, the Vatican is interested in the location of a Jewish ritual, while at the same time insisting that they are observing their religion according to Jesus's teaching. Duh?!? That doesn't seem very logical.

The original significance of the location on Mount Zion is that it is believed to be the burial place of King David, the second King of the Jewish Nation and the first one to have established a dynasty. The significance of that dynasty is crucial in understanding the Bible, the Jewish one of course, and the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the entire Land of Israel. According to Dr. Yael Ziegler, my Tanach, Bible teacher in Matan, G-d's reason for refusing to allow King David to build Him an impressive House of Holy Worship, Beit HaMikdash, The Holy Temple was because the job, the privilege was to be given to King David's son which would cement King David's dynasty. (How's that for the source of the idiom?) Dr. Ziegler always stresses that the Tanach is a book of theology.

There's a religious, spiritual source or agenda for all that is recorded in the Bible. Tradition is that King David is buried there, and we the Jewish People and Jewish State must preserve that area as totally Jewish, Israeli sovereignty only. Remember that both Christianity and Islam are attempts at identity theft to take over our Land and our history. That's why we must stymie, refuse every single request by those religions for more power and legitimacy. The Vatican must be told NO! And if the pope's visit is cancelled, so be it, big deal. Not only will we survive; we will thrive.

Rabbi Goldstein, founder of the
Diaspora Yeshiva, Mt. Zion
For about forty-five 45 years, the Mount Zion location known as Kever David, King David's Tomb has been part of the Diaspora Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein. I was privileged to visit it a few years ago and been shown around by Rabbi Goldstein.

There should never be a non-Jewish presence there on Mt. Zion. Let David's Tomb and the buldings remain Jewish. Keep the Vatican away!!

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band (Selah) performing Ish Yehudi in Jerusalem. 1984.

Diaspora Yeshiva Band Reunion "Malchutcha," Your (G-d's) Kingdom will last forever!!

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