Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Can We Effectively Muzzle Shimon Peres?

Let's start with the positive...
Peres: Netanyahu nixed agreement with Palestinians that reached final stages three years ago
President tells Channel 2 that his meetings with Abbas were put on ice by PM at point when an agreement was near; sources in the PM's Office deny claim.
As opposed to the infamous Oslo Accords, this time the Israeli Government and Prime Minister were aware of the "negotiations,' although it is far from the legal authority of an Israeli President to be involved in anything so political or partisan.

The dangerous Oslo Accords which committed Israel to were held "unofficially" and illegally to be perfectly clear. They were masterminded by the extreme Leftist and unreliable Shimon Peres who pushed the hapless Yitzchak Rabin into having the Israeli Government accept them as de jure.
...Yitzhak Rabin, who branded Peres “an unrelenting underminer,” dubbed this “the stinking maneuver.”
Ironically, when Rabin later won the premiership, recidivist Peres sidetracked him too, as he had Shamir. The difference was that Shamir fired Peres, whereas Rabin fell for the Osloite chimera.
Almost 2,000 Israelis were murdered, and thousands maimed for life. Stretches of historical homeland were relinquished and strategic assets surrendered to genocidal enemies, whom Peres imported here by the tens of thousands from Tunis as per the Oslo Accords.
Some 150,000 hostile Arabs were added onto Israel’s population to further “family reunions” under Oslo. Those who made egregious concessions to still-implacable foes dramatically exacerbated Israel’s demographic distress, the very one which purportedly served as their pretext for the Osloite machination in the first place.
Peres’s “New Middle East,” Oslo subterfuge and derivative Nobel Peace Prize earned him prodigious accolades from chic international cheerleaders. Yet here, in the sands of the reprobate Mideast, Oslo caused Arab aspirations to replace Israel and the delegitimization of Israel’s very existence to be tolerated as never previously in the valued venues of Peres’s social conquests.
Peres conferred respectability upon Fatah and ushered in Hamas rampages... (Sarah Honig)
Peres, who is unfortunately for the security of the State of Israel, is still going strong and up to his old tricks uses his position as President to continue undermining the Prime Minister.

As you, those who are regular readers of my blog, know, I'm no great fan of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. I wish that he would get out of his Center and be a much stronger Right for the rights of Jews in the entire Land of Israel. But it seems that in this case, Bibi was on target and quickly quashed Peres; although he did not impeach him, have or effectively rein him in.
"Abbas never agreed to anything. Back then as well he just wanted to receive without giving anything in return,” the PMO told Channel 2 News. “This is his method - to be ambiguous until he is pushed to make a decision, and then run away.”
“Anyone who hugs the terrorist Khaled Mashaal on Memorial Day does not want an agreement,” added the PMO, referring to Abbas’s meeting this week with the leader of Hamas regarding a unity pact signed between the sides.
In the interview with Channel 2, Peres revealed that he and Abbas had reached an agreement on all issues of contention, but Netanyahu ultimately backed down from the deal, thinking there was a better brought forth by Quartet envoy Tony Blair.
According to Peres, Abbas agreed during the talks with him to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
"He has to agree to a Jewish state and we have to agree to have a Palestinian state," said Peres. "In fact, we both agreed on this.” (Arutz7)
The State of Israel is endangered more by our native Left, such as Shimon Peres and his backers, than by anyone else.

In most democracies an official that makes such accusations against his country's leader, such as Peres accusing the Prime Minister of refusing/vetoing a "peace" agreement would be tried and convicted of sedition...


Old Yellowstain said...

We can say the bracha in Shmona Esrei, "Ve'lamalshinim", with greater kavanah.

Anonymous said...

Shy Guy


Batya said...

Shy, good idea, thanks.

Neshama said...

Put him out to pasture already!

Batya said...

Neshama, if it was only so easy to do.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked the question, I hope my small contribution will help just a little. I did some brainstorming before typing.

If he didn't have the backing of elites and weren't one himself, SP might have been:

1. Proven certifiably insane.
2. Not given the opportunity to sit with Ariel Sharon for dinner the day before he had the stroke that ultimately ended his life.
3. Deprived of all government salary and perks.
4. Investigated for damages for the sake of profit.
5. Gone unrecognized as President of Israel.
6. Made to feel absolutely alone.
7. Exposed for the self-serving public servant his actions prove him to be.
8. Prayed for. See Shy Guy #1.

CDG, Yerushalayim

Batya said...

CDG, if only...