Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let The Facts of History Prove Israel's Rights versus The So-Called Palestinians

The Jewish State of Israel is the most modern realization in a well documented history that spans thousands and thousands of years. The modern State of Israel isn't the first Jewish State, country, kingdom to be in this location in the Middle East.

My opening paragraph is fact, not ideology.

It's important to stress and concentrate on simple, historic facts, not ideology when trying to get to the root of today's "conflict." Oh, how I hate that term "conflict" as if two children are squabbling over a ball in the playground or who's going to get a larger slice of cake. Those dangerous "mediators," like United States Secretary of State John Kerry and his president Obama like to belittle the seriousness of the Arab terrorism against Israelis and Jews by treating us like misbehaving kids in nursery school.

I suggest that history students take on the challenge of doing their post-graduate thesis on listing the Palestinian sic independent national governments, presidents, kings, shahs etc over the past few thousand years. This should be the shortest thesis ever, because they won't find any in the history books, archives etc. There never ever was such a country or kingdom.

Jewish National History, or the History of Jewish Nationalism, Nationhood over The Past Four Thousand Years is a very different subject. It's rich with facts, documentation, history books and archaeology finds.

Equating the two "sides" is not only an insult to Jewish History, but it's pseudo-academic fraud. It's even worse than Holocaust denial which is related. They are both manifestations of the attempt to put Jewish History in the gutter by using facetious distortions and outright lies.

Shiloh HaKeduma, at Tel Shiloh, a recognized archaeological site, the location of Biblical Shiloh
The Jewish People have a continuous presence in the Middle East, the Land of Israel. We speak the same language as our forefather Abraham, his great-grandchildren who formed the Twelve Tribes, those who exiled into Egypt, then miraculously escaped, resettled their ancestral Homeland, established Kingdoms and dynasties, built Holy Temples, were exiled throughout the world while always maintaining a presence in the Land and then in recent centuries returned and established the modern State of Israel.

What got me started on this topic this morning?  It was an article in the Algemeiner about Zionism 101. Zionism 101 is a site that offers a "video course" about the true history of Zionism which I recommend.  It also has a facebook page.

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