Friday, May 2, 2014

Kerry and Vatican Squeezing Israel from Both Ends

Whoever thinks we've seen the last of United States Secretary of State John Kerry is over-optimistic.
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The failure to reach a deal has given more ammunition to critics of President Barack Obama's foreign policy, who also accuse him of not reacting forcefully enough to Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula.
But Kerry, who has invested much of his own time and clout in the Israeli-Palestinian peace effort, strongly suggested he was not about to walk away.
"I personally remain convinced that as each (side) sort of works through the reasons that things began to become more difficult in the final hours, there may be quiet ways within which to begin to work on next steps," Kerry said. Reuters

Rumor has it that he hasn't given up on his dream of a Nobel Peace Prize. He has set himself up as an easy target to mock and no doubt will be blamed for US President Obama's awful foreign policy record.
Plus, spit-shine the Nobel! There’s Kerry aiming to quickly settle “the mother of them all,” as he likes to call the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, with peace to come to the Holy Land within nine months.
Swings and misses, every time.
As in “Casey at the Bat,” mighty Kerry has struck out. NY Post
I'm pretty sure that Kerry will return. And John Kerry isn't the only foreign representative pushing Israel to further endanger itself. The Vatican, one of the (or the) largest landowners in Jerusalem has been lusting over more for a long time. They want Israel to give it The Cenacle, above David's Tomb on Mount Zion.

This conflict over Mount Zion and David's Tomb has been going on for a very long time. There is no reason at all for the Vatican to take over yet another piece of Land in Jerusalem. Mount Zion and David's Tomb has been the home of the Diaspora Yeshiva for forty-five years or more.

Just because The Vatican wants it, and the present pope will be visiting in May doesn't mean that we Israelis must acquiesce. This is our Land, our City and we must behave with self-respect. The Catholics/Christians have been trying to steal our Land, religion and Bible no less than the terrorist whose aims are supported by Kerry.

We're about to celebrate 66 years of Israeli Independence. Let's act like a self-respecting independent nation!!


z said...

66 years since independence, when can the U.S. stop giving $3.1BN dollars a year to Israel?

In the U.S we have a 5 year limit on welfare

Anonymous said...

z - If it were string-free, you and all the rest of you who talk like that might have a point. But since that money returns to the US (the point is to help keep the US military industry churning; the conditions are that we MUST spend it there) AND it is a LOAN - we have to pay it back - and we do, consistently - you don't.

Most of us Israelis wish our government wouldn't take it - just like we don't like taking orders and nasty comments from the likes of you either. They come together.

Methinks the US wants us to need them and think we need to take orders from them, and that's why they loan it. Why? Because.

I really don't know. All I know is that the co-dependent relationship our countries have should end.

It starts with me. Go away.

CDG, Yerushalayim

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, z, please keep your money. We really don't need OR want it.

CDG, Yerushalayim

Batya said...

CDG, you got it right!

beakerkin said...


The fact that you single out Israel
out of sll countries and describe foreign aid as welfare is proof that you are a base type of bigot.

Funny, exactly how much money is spent on NATO and aid to unreliable allies. The aid to Israel was the legacy of Jimmy Peanut.

It is time to grasp that Obama and Kerry are not friends of Israel.


What you describe in an earlier comment is base antisemitism. An
Ethiopian coworker can regularly
visit Israel and get no questions
in this area.

I ended up with roughly one hour
of questions about a country I have never visited. Exactly what
my brothers religious views have to with my security clearance is unknown.

While I am employed in this capacity I keep my foreign travel
to zero. I can only imagine the questions if I ever visited.

At a certain point, my dander gets raised, and I ask the relevance of the questions. Usually this is enough and the line ceases or the investigator clears his focus.

Batya said...

beak, so when do you retire? I wish you a long, healthy and pleasant life of pension when you can visit Israel and wherever else.

There were always different demands for Jews in the USA.

Thanks for commenting.