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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bibi in The Bagel, Flanked on the Right by Bennett and on the Left by Livni

Is this the political Center that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has aimed for?

thanks to Esser Agaroth
Bibi, stuck in the hole of the bagel...
The latest Israeli election campaign has begun in earnest. And it has begun within Netanyahu's coalition. Economics Minister, the NRP aka Jewish Home's Naftali Bennett is campaigning hard on the Right and Justice and Peace sic Negotiations Minister, The Movement's Tsipi Livni is trying to head him off from the Left.

Bennett, Jerusalem Post:
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett pledged on Saturday "to put an end" to freeing murderous terrorists ahead of a Knesset panel vote Sunday on a bill that if passed could be used to prevent the release of terrorists in future peace talks.
"For the last thirty years Israeli governments have been releasing murderous terrorists. Sometimes in exchange for something. Sometimes in exchange for nothing," Bennett said on Facebook late Saturday.
IMHO the best solution is executing all terrorists who murdered or even attempted to murder Jews. Don't give them another chance.
Livni, according to Sarah Honig:
“I will continue to defend the values of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and will under no circumstance allow anyone to weaken its democratic values and to subordinate them to Jewish ones,” Livni intoned......However, the plain and irrefutable fact is that the word “democratic” doesn’t even appear once in the Declaration. The carefully composed document only cursorily lists assorted individual freedoms (distinct from collective/national ones), “as envisioned by the Prophets of Israel.” Considering the authors’ meticulous attention to every nuance during a series of ultra-exhaustive consultations, this omission was no accident.
It seems that in comparison to Livni, Netanyahu seems almost chareidi...

I have no doubt that Bennett's and Livni's campaigns are only beginning. No doubt that the failing popularity of Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party will prompt him to mount a campaign in attempt to rescue his political future. It's easier to campaign when you have clear positions and ideology. If Netanyahu's Likud is really a Center Party, it will be more like yeast dough after being punched down, very small. Or is this Bibi's idea of a therapeutic Swedish massage, or is it a political nightmare? I guess it depends on whether or not Bennett, Lapid or Livni can reach his political jugular.

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