Monday, May 19, 2014

Is "Peace in the Middle East" Really Possible?

A few years ago, after discovering a still successful way to lose weight and keep it off, I tried to market myself as a Diet Coach. I couldn't find people willing to pay for my advice, system and support. I think it's because one of my basic principles is that it's not good to aim for an arbitrary weight, even if one's doctor demands it. I believe that one should aim for a livable sustainable, healthy eating regime that will bring a person to a better, healthier weight that can be maintained. I consider myself a pragmatist. This is what has worked for me and although others admire my success, they still prefer someone who will promise them the impossible.

The "peace process" here in the Middle East is actually no different, nor is my approach to it.

Again, I'll remind you that I'm a pragmatist, a CPA's daughter and I see numbers, logic and common sense. When Arab terrorism is still supported and sympathized with by the so-called moderate Arabs, many Israelis across the political spectrum, the international media and most foreign diplomats and "human rights" agencies, I just can't see how there is anything Israel can do to "make peace." Simple logic is what I'm following. People just don't change so quickly and easily. You really can't expect a middle-aged mother of six to get a figure she could barely keep at the age of twenty. Can you?

Just a reminder, there was always Arab violence aka terrorism against Jews in the Holy Land aka Middle East. It's not something modern, and it's not something that just started in 1948 or after the 1967 Six Days War. The cause of the Arab terrorism is not Jewish building in Gilo, Shiloh, Hebron or Har Chomah. Thinking that all Israel has to do is "destroy the settlements" for the Arabs to be happy is like using make-up on skin cancer.

The Holy Land, Eretz Yisrael, under Ottoman Rule was a sleepy backwater. There was always a Jewish presence and there was always violence and discrimination against the Jewish communities. The problem wasn't the Jews; the problem was that the few Arabs who had lived here didn't want any Jews around. Arabs attacked Jews; Arab terrorism against Jews isn't new, gotten from Wikipedia:

  • 350 years ago,  1660 destruction of Safed, "The towns of Safed and nearby Tiberias, with substantial Jewish communities, were destroyed in the turmoil.[citation needed] Only a few of the former residents of Safed had returned to the town after the destruction.[5][6] Sholem considers the 1662 reports about the destruction of Safed as "exaggerated".[7] The community however recovered within several years, whereas Tiberias lay in waste for decades."
  • In April 1920, a three-day rampage by religiously incited anti-Zionist Arab mobs left six dead and 200 injured in the Jewish Quarter. The attackers gutted synagogues and yeshivot and ransacked homes.  Myths and Facts
  • Hebron riots and massacre of Jews in 1929-But, on the night of August 23, 1929, the tension simmering within this cauldron of nationalities bubbled over and for a period of three days, Hebron turned into a city of terror and murder as the Arab residents led a rampaging massacre against the bewildered and helpless Jewish community. By the time the massacre ended, 67 Jews lay dead - their homes and synagogues destroyed - and the few hundred survivors were relocated to Jerusalem.  The aftermath left Hebron barren of Jews for the first time in hundreds of years.

There are many, many more examples. The root of Arab terrorism runs deep and can't be erased, deleted by a fancy festive "peace signing" no matter who or what is the so-called mediator or event planner.

The simple fact is that the Arabs, with the complicity of the world, as during the rise of the Nazis, want to destroy Jewish life and the State of Israel. The so-called "peace process" sic is a sham. It's a sophisticated way to get the State of Israel to self-destruct, G-d forbid.

It's time for us to stop cooperating with peace sic negotiations and only do what's best to strengthen the State of Israel.

  • First step is to declare full and uncompromising sovereignty over all of the Land we hold. 
  • Large building projects must be started all over Judea and Samaria for Jews and Jews only. That will lower housing costs and increase the standard of living. 
  • Mandatory death Penalty for all Arab terrorists, no matter their age, sex or health condition.
  • Another important change is to add a loyalty clause and basic Israeli history test to the process of becoming an Israeli citizen, even for Jews.
  • With Israeli citizenship privileges come responsibilities.
A pragmatic peace will take a long time, but it will be maintainable, G-d willing.

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