Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching Our Collective Breath After Surviving the Obama/Kerry Negotiations Attack

IMRA's Dr. Aaron Lerner seems pretty confident that Prime Binyamin Netanyahu steered us well during the nine month American driven faux peace negotiations.
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Observation: American gift to Netanyahu in Barnea piece shows they clueless
Observation: American gift to Netanyahu in Barnea piece shows they clueless

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 4 May 2014

The Americans from Kerry's team who complained to Nachum Barnea about Prime
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu unwittingly gave the prime minister an early
Israel Independence Day gift.

Here is what they told Barnea, as reported in his 2 May Yediot Ahronot
article "How We Failed."

#1. The Palestinians refused to compromise during the course of negotiations
and insisted that any Israeli security presence (including in the Jordan
Valley) vanish within no more than 5 years.

#2. Netanyahu insists on absolute Israeli security control for an unlimited
period of time.

#3. Netanyahu refused to agree to a map dividing Jerusalem.

#4. Netanyahu's attorney, Molcho, stood guard to thwart efforts by Livni to
compromise Israel's position.

For almost all Israelis reading the above there is a simple reaction:

Three cheers for Netanyahu!

Once again, the Americans are pathetically clueless, relying on the words of
encouragement from their lefty Israeli friends rather than actually
appreciating what the country really thinks. They thought they would hurt
Netanyahu with this piece when the opposite is the case.

And now to the real puzzle: If they actually believe that the Palestinians
"will get a State for themselves in the end" then why all the fuss?

After all, according to the narrative these folks subscribe to, once the
Palestinians have a state of their own we will enjoy Utopian Peace. [Only
someone who thought there would be Utopian Peace would think that a deal
that completely removes the IDF from the scene within 60 months is a deal
that promises Israel security].

Let me suggest an alternative explanation for the hysterics.

The concern isn't that in the absence of a deal that a Palestinian state
will come into existence without a signing ceremony on the White House lawn.

The concern is that at the end of the day Israel succeeds in moving on.

We make it past all the "tsunamis".

The large Palestinian population centers thrive under some form of autonomy.

The demographic trends continue with each year more Israeli Jews born.

And the dream of withdrawal and division that was the focus of leftist
Israelis and their leftist American Jewish friends will be no more serious a
possibility than that we all start speaking Esperanto. 

I'm not at all as optimistic as Lerner. The fact that Obama/Kerry admitted their attempt at a "deal" between Israel and the Palestinians sic a failure has just brought us a break, time to catch our collective breath, but this was not the effective execution such as when Pinchas killed Zimri and Cozbi stopping the plague that had already killed 24,000 Jews.
While pacifists might decry the taking of a life, in this case a moral outrage was spreading in the camp - wanton, orgiastic debauches and idolatry. Zimri, a leader of the tribe of Shimon, publicly takes Kozbi, a willing participant from the daughters of Midian. The transgression is flagrant and unmistakable, brazen and unabashed. Pinchas steps in to end the disgrace, to halt the epidemic by means of the sword. The reward he is given leaves little room for doubt: Pinchas is good, Zimri is bad. Pinchas is right, Zimri is wrong. In fact, Jewish tradition sees these two as archetypes of good and evil; the Talmud's expression for the epitome of hypocrisy is "one who acts like Zimri and expects the reward of Pinchas." (aish)
While Moshe and the rest of the people who hadn't been overtly sinning with the Midian women stood by silently, Pinchas took action, and G-d gave him a great reward, Priesthood.

Unfortunately, successive Israeli Governments have been making the same basic mistake over and over. They keep on relying on the Arabs to foul up, rather than taking a real stand and ending the pressure on us. This is very much a continuation of the pre-state debates and ideological disputes which Netanyahu's late father Benzion wrote about so clearly in his book  The Founding Fathers of Zionism. He contrasted so-called Zionist leaders like Chaim Weizman, who would have had been overjoyed if the "Jewish state" was to be no more than a British protectoratepart of the Commonwealth, with those who wanted real independence. There was also the debates over whether small Zionist Jewish communities were the key or was it necessary to establish a national framework.

Our enemies are clever and very wealthy. We shouldn't be overconfident that we'll be victorious just by sitting out the pressure on us. I think that that George Soros and his J Street hasn't yet finished their attempt to turn American Jewry. to the extreme Left when it comes to Israel. Soros has backed Obama, and he created J Street to support Obama's pressure on Israel to destroy itself. Now that J Street had been handily rejected by the Presidents Conference, his next step is to destroy that organization.


Lawrence said...

You praise Bibi too highly. He released how many terrorists again, in return for a Fatah-Hamas unity deal?

By the very fact that he capitulated, to agree to have talks with Fatah terrorists where we have nothing to gain and everything to lose, is enough evidence for his failure. The Obama administration is now getting ready to blame Israel for the farcical talks failure and getting ready to punish us on the world stage any way it can, including at the UN. Things are going to get rough, and Bibi has already buckled to Obama, so it's not good...

beakerkin said...

American Jews are far to the left.
Every time I have a security clearance I get questioned about my nephews studies and my religious views.

We recently had a diversity celebration and to the dismay of the Eastern European contingent I listed myself as Guyanese. The Eastern Europeans pointed out I have no connection to Guyana. I pointed out my grandparents did not consider themselves Poles, Russians or anything else. As identifying myself as a Jew has unacceptable political ramifications I am Guyanese by choice. I actually do have Guyanese family.

My act is so convincing people have asked if I am really Guyanese. I pointed out I am Guyanese in the same manner Chico
marx is Italian.

If I identify myself as Jewish my
patriotism is questioned by Marxists whose history is rife with treason. The same types also
deny scream you are merely a religion. Funny I never heard someone speak Anglican or Methodist. Soviet documents do list Jew as a nationality.

Obama is toast in two years and Soros is almost dead.

NormanF said...

Israel should owe thanks to G-d.

That is the sole reason Israel exists and Jews should not celebrate Independence Day with the assumption Israel came into being solely unaided through human effort.

Israel's founders who were atheists and irreligious, could not even bring themselves to mention G-d in the Declaration Of Independence.

Its time to rectify that mistake.

Batya said...

Lawrence not me.
Norman yes
Beak isn't that antisemitism you suffer ftom at work?

A. Serra said...

Kudos to you for this note, Batya!

Batya said...

A. Serra, thanks