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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pompous Insults, Treating Us Like Pawns and Furniture

Yesterday I posted videos of wise words, common sense from Caroline Glick and Naftali Bennett which I filmed at the 2012 Presidents Conference in Jerusalem last week.  At that very same session,  The Tomorrow's Borders of Israel, I also heard horrifying words and suggestions.

David Makovsky seated far left
What stands out in my mind is how David Makovsky kept on referring to various percentages of Land and "the settlers" as if we were just pawns or furniture that could be moved by him without any consequences whatsoever.

Makovsky took all of his plans for the State of Israel out of human context and history.

Makovsky's "peace plans" were as realistic, or less so, than computer games.  Less so, because at least in most computer games, the humans  have faces.  Makovsky just talked of numbers and percentages of  "the settlers."  I was so shocked (I felt paralysed) that I didn't do what I should have done, stand up/step forward from my standing room only spot by the wall and shout:

"I am a settler!  I'm a person, a human being!"
Besides the actual technical problems in keeping the various "settlement blocs" safe and secure when surrounded by an Arab terrorist state, an impossibility for those who subscribe to reality, Makovsky's "solutions" totally disregarded the human factor and the proven failures of smaller settlement/settler  withdrawals.

Another speaker on that panel, Ilan Paz, dealt with the complications of such a withdrawal and Palestinian state with the typical old-time Israeli "נפתור אותם niftor otam, we'll find a solution-no big deal."
Surrealistic is about the nicest way I can describe the way most of the speakers related to reality.  At a different session, about future Jewish leadership, I heard a phrase that should be remembered by all:
"You have to have a stake in the community." Rabbi Daniel Smokler
I'm taking him out of context.  The moral, logical considerations one must have when talking about life in Israel and in the Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem any place etc. must be that if you're not affected/touched by the grand pronouncements and plans you're promoting, you have no right to make them.  People like Mokovsky aren't personally affected by their mistakes, and I have no doubt that if any of his plans/options would be adopted by the Israeli Government it would be a security disaster for the State of Israel, should not be listened to. A realistic scenario would be to see it as, G-d forbid, the cause of the destruction of the State of Israel if we followed his suggestions.

I'm not confident that Paz and his buddies can find workable solutions to the problems their, and that includes Shimon Peres's plans would cause.  Actually, just like today's situation in which the Israeli south is suffering from the Gazan missile attacks, the entire remaining country would be bombarded by a Palestinian sic state. 

Makovsky will then "tssk, tssk" from his haven in America, and Peres, Paz and other Leftist Israeli leaders will be offered luxury refuge accommodations.  And lots of memorials will be funded, but nobody will admit the truth that they and their ideologies caused the death of Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel, G-d forbid.


NormanF said...

I hear the accursed capos at COGAT are stopping their work being kind to the enemy in Gaza because the intense firing on them makes the work too dangerous.

They are dangerous as David Makovsky, Ilan Paz and the rest of the Israeli Left.

What they all have in common is they seek to help Arabs and harm Jews!

Sometimes I get the feeling Israel is just an Arab country with a different flag and that the Jewish State was aborted somewhere along the way.

I don't know how else to describe Israel's irrational and suicidal policy of making life easier for those hate and seek to murder Jews!

Batya said...

Norman, you sound depressed about it. At the conference it was depressing, but I actually felt that a lot of the audience didn't agree with all that was being said from the podium.

Living in Shiloh I see such a different, a wonderful Israel.

NormanF said...

I'm not really depressed about it; just critical. I do feel Israel has better days to come despite all its enemies within and without.

Other peoples dreamed of a Golden Age in the distant past - the Jews were the only people to dream of it happening in the future.

Israel's present troubles, like the expulsion of the Jews from their homes in Beit El, is the dusk before the dawn.

There is more to like about Israel than to dislike about it but Israelis haven't always done a good job of presenting the positive aspects of their country to the world. Its one that needs to be done more often.

Batya said...

It was almost funny at that session. I kept hearing these dire warnings about our "not being able to stay much longer" which sounded like what people said when we moved to Shiloh 31 years ago.