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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving Migron?

The other day on my way to work I noticed some construction across from the gas station on the road to Psagot, Kochav Ya'akov and Tel Zion.  It's just under the Psagot Wine Visitors' Center.

I asked the neighbor who was driving if he knew what it was, but he didn't.

Only later did I discover that it's supposed to be the new, though temporary location for Migron which is a short distance north of the construction.  The government is planning a very expensive temporary "solution."  It's such a waste of money, besides the fact that I'm against moving Migron.  It's a dumb and dangerous decision.  I agree with Ya'aqov on that.

And to those who keep saying that we must do what the courts say, I say that the courts aren't the law.  Most Israeli "Justices," the judges that sit in the highest courts in the country make their decisions according to their "common sense," their personal sense of justice.  They're not shy about admitting it.  They do not judge strictly by law.

Even in the United States where the judges are supposed to be more attuned to the actual laws, there isn't agreement and judgements change.  Almost half a century ago when I was a high school student, my Social Studies teacher explained that American Law is whatever five out of nine Supreme Court Justices say it is.  And when the justices change, so can the law.

Israeli Supreme Court isn't SUPREME.  It's not G-d Almighty.  I don't worship the Supreme Court.  It think that the decision of the judges is dangerously faulty.  The Arabs didn't really have a case, but for political reasons the court ruled in their favor.


NormanF said...

Jews are supposed to be smart people!

Tell me how this makes sense. In any normal country, the government would pay affected landowners just compensation and no one would be inconvenienced.

But in Israel stupidity is valued over common sense, resulting in a waste of money for no good reason.

Batya said...

politics and hatred

Amihai said...

There is one thing which worry me a little.
avoda+meretz+kadima+atid=42 seats.
If you add the Likud (and probably the mafdal), there is a large majority, leaving the arab parties, the Ihud, Beitenou and the Haredim out in the opposition.
Or else, Beitenou instead of the Likud, maybe hadash and the mafdal, and you have anoter fundamentally anti-religious anti-right wing coalition.
It would be much surprising, but you can never know.

The thing is, in order to set up a new coalition based on this poll, Netanyahou would be to accept at the very least two of the other large parties : Mofaz, Lapid, Liberman or Yahimovitch.
And this would prove far more difficult than the current situation or than a left-antireligious coalition...

Anonymous said...

so if you feel the supreme court, or any law for that matter, is incorrect, you do not feel any obligation to obey it?
as long as you do what god thinks you should do?!?

this is a recipe for anarchy!

Batya said...

I don't trust the courts to objectively judge if a law is "unconstitutional." There's too much hatred in this country. And G-d's Law, Torah is above man's.

Hadassa said...

Please keep in mind that only two and a half lots are on the land that Peace Now claims is owned by Arabs, who have yet to produce any valid proof of ownership. IF the Arabs show proof THEN they can be compensated, as happened to the Zar family when the Israeli government built on land that they had purchased in Barkan. There is no just cause for relocating any, let alone all, of the families.
Anonymous, we are not anarchists. We follow the Torah. Quite frankly the Israeli courts don't uniformly enforce their own laws so they can't be considered unbiased.

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, and thanks for the clarification