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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kosher for Passover Havel Havelim, Esser Agaroth!

That's right!  The Passover edition of Havel Havelim, strictly kosher, is at Esser Agaroth!  Enjoy!  You're all invited to taste the varied menu of blog posts, Jewish and Israeli flavored.  Yes, it's all kosher l'Pesach, approved by Ya'aqov.

This meeting of Jewish bloggers, aka jbloggers, from all over the world is very unifying, very holy.

To participate, please send your post via our special site or join our facebook page for instructions and a chance to volunteer to host an edition.  Next week's host blog will be To Kiss a Mezuzah.

I try to keep updated information about all of the jblog carnivals, HH, JPIX and Kosher Cooking Carnival in the designated tab on my blogs.

Remember to publicize all the the jblog carnivals among your friends, family, facebook, twitter etc.

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