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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inherent International Antisemitism, Get Smart and Take Precautions

Some of us see antisemitism as inherent in most of the world and the impetus for many injustices, such as the totally unprecedented punishment Jonathan Pollard was given by the United States.  Nobody is saying that Pollard shouldn't have been convicted and punished, but his sentence for giving classified information to an American ally is much more severe than those convicted for spying for enemy countries, like the USSR. 

The latest excuse/theory is that the United States did it to put pressure on Israel to release the name of his "Israeli partner."  Considering that Israel handed him over to the states when Pollard and his first wife, Ann Henderson Pollard, went to the Israeli Embassy for refuge, it never seemed like he had much Israeli support.

Some people may consider me paranoid, but I consider myself a realist, a pragmatist.  I see antisemitism as part of the western-Christian mentality-culture.  It's the reason why stopping the Nazi Holocaust, death camps wasn't in the war aims of the United States and its allies.  They also didn't protest the early stages of the Nazi campaign of discrimination against Jews.  The Nazis started on a small scale, testing the waters to see if the world really cared.  Each upgrade in policies against Jews was ignored by the world.  "Extermination" sic  of Jews by gassing was accepted as easily as was Jewish exclusion from German universities.

In Ruthie Blum's latest op-ed for Israel Hayom, she writes about the antisemitism in the writings of both Gunter Grass and Salman Rushdie. Both are "pets" of the media, the Left and the pseudo-academic faux-moralists.

It may be certainly is unpleasant to think about it, but we in Israel and Jews all over the world must accept the fact that if we're in danger, nobody will come to our assistance.  That includes the United States of America.  We must stop looking for approval from other countries, leaders etc.

There's a Passover song that says it very well, ECHAD MI YODEA- WHO KNOWS ONE
The refrain is:
1 is Our God who is in the heavens and on earth.

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