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Monday, April 9, 2012

Again, Arab Terrorists Have Been Attacking Israel, More Than Ever, And We...

Thanks to IMRA for the link to Shabak for this report about attacks on Israel.  I hope that seeing the statistics will help some of you visualize what is happening to us. 
March 2012 has seen a significant increase in the number of attacks compared to February: 229 attacks, as opposed to 100 in February.
You can get more details by clicking the link above the quotation.
Two rockets explode in southern Israel after IAF strike overnight Over 170 rockets were fired into Israel in the last round of violence in March • Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal vows to abduct more Israeli soldiers to pressure the Israel to release Palestinian prisoners. (complete article)
Terrorists prepare to fire rockets.
Photo credit: AP

As an Israeli citizen, I'm disgusted by the Israeli Government reaction to these attacks.  The Arabs have declared war on us, a war of annihilation and we just rap their knuckles by ineffective "retaliations."

In the Prayer for the State of Israel, the newer version from the Kol Haneshama siddur, 1994, it asks that our government leaders get wisdom to rule properly:
Please God, bless the State of Israel. Protect it in the abundance of your love. Spread over it the shelter of your peace. Send forth your light and truth to those who lead and judge it, and to those who hold elective office. Establish in them, through your presence, wise counsel, that they might walk in the way of justice, freedom and integrity.
Strengthen the hands of those who guard our holy land. Let them inherit salvation and life. And give peace to the land, and perpetual joy to all its inhabitants. Appoint for a blessing all our kindred of the house of Israel in all the lands of their dispersion. Plant in their hearts a love to Zion. And for all our people everywhere, may God be with them, and may they have the opportunity to go up to the land. Cause your spirit’s influence to emanate upon the dwellers of our holy land.
Remove from their midst hatred and enmity, jealousy and wickedness. Plant in their hearts love and kinship, peace and friendship. And soon fulfill the vision of your profit, “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Let them learn no longer the ways of war.” And let us say, Amen.
That's exactly what we need.


Hadassa said...

Some people say that we should stop saying the "Prayer for the State". Wrong! Now, more than ever, the State of Israel needs our prayers.
Mo'adim l'simha!

Batya said...

Hadassa, exactly. The Prayer for the State isn't a praise of the state. It's a prayer to G-d begging Him to guide and protect us.

Miriam said...

Moadim L'Simcha Batya

It is very simple why our government has not acted to put an end to the rocket attacks in the south.Mo

The residents of the South are looked upon as second class citizens.

Many towns are developmental communities and a majority of the residents are poor and uneducated.

Beersheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod are large and very busy cities with a very mixed population. Netivot is the only smaller city that is flourishing because of a real go getter mayor.

Our government is afraid of bad publicity..they are afraid of what the world will say if we stand up for ourselves and end the terror.

Oh pity us if a Gaza citizen gets injured or killed...the world will condemn us and this is what our government is afraid of. Know one cares if a Jewish child is injured but an arab child....

Barak has said many times, the government will over look if 3 or 4 kassams are sent a day. They make believe they are doing somethings by bombing an empty building or two...

Until our Prime Minister fires the Defense Minister for his in action this nonsense will continue.

BIBI has to stand up and in a very loud and clear voice say to the world the government of Israel will do what is in the best interest of its citizens and if that means wiping Gaza of the map so be it!

May the Hand of Hashem guide and give our politicians the strength to do what is right and may He watch over our precious land and each and every one of us. Without His protection we are doomed!


Batya said...

Miriam, Israel's north has been treated the same. My eldest did sherut le'umi there over 20 years ago, and people were so resentful that the rest of the country ignored the fact that they suffered frequent attacks.

Hadassa said...

It's been said that the Golan ignored what was happening before the Expulsion, and that's simply not true. Among other assistance, representatives came down to Gush Katif, spoke to the "leaders" and went door to door distributing strategic information, and a choice of a red or a green apple. They were one of the few groups whom I genuinely felt weren't coming just to "look at the settlers".
Shortly after the Expulsion someone in the government said something to the effect of "Oy va'voy if the terrorists so much as touch a hair on the head of a Sederot resident." Yeah, right. Just more empty words to justify their stupidity.
Sometimes I think that the left-wing is annoyed by any success stories from the Sephardic South. I miss that South... all of it.

bagelnosher said...

I got a kick out of the news reports recently about the siren test in Tel Aviv, and how upset the people there got, when they heard the siren. (No missiles, you understand, only the siren) They went nuts -- "I thought we were at war!" one said. "We had to run for shelter" "It was horrible! I was terrified!" They seemed to have no idea at all that this is what we in the south live with all the time, some areas more than others, of course. And at time more intensly than others, but still, this is the reality of life for us all the time. There is, most definitely, a cultural divide between the alleged "center" of the country and the north and south.

Now the IDF is going to schedule actual training for Tel Avivians to teach them what to do when the sirens sound. Gee whiz. Does anyone remember any "training" given to us in the south about what to do? Instructions, yes. On the internet. But training? Heaven forbid. We had to learn that for ourselves.....

Two different worlds, I tell ya. Some of us are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Batya, as Bagelnosher and Miriam mentioned, there are 2 Israels. Kiryat Shmona and many northern yishuvim are populated by Sephardim and olim. Not the 'creme de la creme' like Herzylia and Ra'anana. I've said for years, I'd love one rocket to land in central Israel causing 'no damage' for mental anguish/ post stress are not considered 'damage' by the media :(

Batya said...

Many of the "Tel Aviv area" like to think they're in a different country from the rest of us. It's a major problem.