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Monday, April 16, 2012

Anti-Israel, More Than "pro-Palestinian"

Considering that so many ordinary people around the world look for any excuse to condemn Israel, I don't see these anti-Israel activists to be primarily "pro-Palestinian."  They'd jump at any excuse to condemn Israel; that's their real agenda.

Dozens of pro-palestinian activists taking part in the "Welcome to Palestine" campaign protest at the Roissy International airport after being denied permission to board flights to Israel.
Photo credit: AFP
Israel Police completed preparations over the weekend in anticipation of the pro-Palestinian demonstration expected Sunday at Ben-Gurion International Airport, in which activists – mainly from Europe and the U.S. – were set to arrive in Israel and try to reach Judea and Samaria to show solidarity with the Palestinians.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said hundreds of protesters were expected to land at the airport in the course of the day, as part of a campaign called "Welcome to Palestine." (complete article from Israel Hayom)

They're certainly not humanitarians or their demonstrations would be pro-Israel and anti a wide variety of countries like Syria, Iran, North Korea, Egypt and more.  No matter what we do here in Israel, it's perceived by the world as evil.  Maybe there's something wrong in their "glasses."

As in the case of the famous “flotilla” to Gaza, the “flightilla” to the West Bank purports to have no other purpose than to provide “humanitarian aid” to “poor Palestinians under a big bad Israeli blockade.” (That there is no blockade on the West Bank does not matter to these well-wishers any more than the fact that Israel never stopped the flow of necessary goods and services into Gaza. But then, the real aim of such campaigns is to make Israel look evil.) by Ruthie Blum in Israel Hayom
Israel is the only country that is consistently pro-peace.  Israel unfortunately bends over backwards in dangerous contortions trying to achieve peace with its Arab enemies.

There's a big problem here, since the Arabs don't want peace.  They just want us destroyed, dead and gone.  That's their dream, their aim and goal.  It's dangerous for us to ignore it.
Palestinian parents should teach their children that it is their role or destiny to destroy Israel, according to a cartoon in the official PA daily.

Text in book: "Palestine"
Mother's words:
"This is your bride...
When you grow up you will know the dowry."
In the cartoon, a mother is showing her son a book with a map that includes all of Israel and the PA areas. The text in the book defines the map as "Palestine."

The mother tells her son:
"This is your bride... when you grow up you will know the dowry."

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,
March 31, 2012]

The message of the PA daily is that parents either are educating their children or should be educating their children to see their obligation to replace all of Israel with a state of "Palestine." The dowry - the cost of liberating Palestine - is yet to be learned. (from PMW, Palestine Media Watch)
Israeli politicians, diplomats, media and academics must stop their dangerous habit of announcing "peace plans," which are based on no more than wishful thinking. Newly elected Kadima leader, Shaul Mofaz's "peace" plan is no more realistic than all of the Peres and other Leftist Appease aka Peace sic Now proposals/demands on Israel. 

You can't make peace with enemies who want to destroy you by thinking that maybe they'll agree if...  It's no more than diplomatic masturbation.  Yes, I've said it. 

Just like you need two people, one of each sex to create a child, you can't make peace by "playing with yourself." 

All of these international "pro-Palestinian" groups should just get out of the closet  and admit the truth that they just don't want a State of Israel to exist.  And we in Israel must fight them on all fronts, because they are very dangerous enemies!


Alex said...

Its about time someone called this whole charade what it is: diplomatic masturbation.

Batya said...

Alex, so you agree?

Alex said...

Oh yes, I agree a million times over. The Israeli Left and American Jewish Left keep psyching themselves out again and again.

It's like they're talking to a wall. They don't understand that to the Arabs, every Jewish house in Eretz Yisrael is a settlement. Whether a Tel Aviv bauhaus, a Shiloh one-story home, an Ariel apartment, or a Herzliya luxury condo. To them Palestine is Palestine is Palestine. Yes, they are wrong, but we give them legitimacy by seeking a peace which will never happen.

This reminds me what the late Rav Kahane, may HaShem avenge his blood, said about liberals: they have utter contempt for the Arabs. If you have respect for someone, you understand who they are and what they want. You listen to them and what they say to their own people in their own language. Liberals, indeed many conservatives too, do not take their words and deeds seriously. Only in this world can the "Right of Return" - the bedrock of all Palestinian claims - be swept under the rug as a "final status issue" under negotiations. That's because no one wants to face that ugly monster face on and admit the genocide it would entail.

Thus we get into these idiotic verbal semantics about "Peace Partners" and "Land for Peace" and "Moderates vs. Extremists". The reality is that, yes, by Palestinian standards the PLO is more moderate than Hamas or Islamic Jihad. The PLO just wants to take down Israel and kill Israelis. The others want to take down Israel and kill Jews everywhere. Very moderate, you see.

Unfortunately, many supposedly right-wing parties go along with this charade.

HaShem expects more from us and we need to live up to His word, not worry about what the Goyim will say or think. The Goyim may be friendly at times we cannot trust them in the long term.

These supposed Peace Plans ignore the nasty obstacles to peace like...reality. It is diplomatic masturbation at its finest and the people who love it the most are our Arab/Iranian/Far Left enemies because they know just how clueless many of us are as to what their goals are: You, me, and all our Jewish brothers and sisters dead.

Thanks for reading. I hope you had a wonderful Pesach and may HaShem continue to bless you in life and in your blogging. :)

Batya said...

Alex, the Left prefer the wall, because they don't have the guts to face the truth.