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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jews, All Kinds, "The Four Sons" Plus

As hysterically "obsessive compulsive" some of us get trying to get the house, not just the kitchen, ready for Passover, it may be hard to remember at times, that Passover is really an inclusive holiday.  If you read the classic/standard/traditional Hagadda, you can't miss the section about the Four Sons.  It's pretty early in the ceremony, well before the meal.

Dry Bones hit it just right as usual.  This is typical family dynamics, and the source of the Jewish People is a family, a large one that became clan, which became enslaved in a foreign land, later escaped, then a federation of related tribes and finally a full-blown nation in its own Land which even had a series of kings.

That's summary of the Jewish People's History.

No other people have been the same people with the same religious laws, teaching the same history to our children.  Only the Jewish People have existed for thousands of years, always attached to our Holy Land and Jewish Religion. 

We were commanded by G-d to teach all of this to our children, generation after generation, to remember that our enemies try to destroy us and G-d gives us the tools to save ourselves.  Yes, we are not pawns of G-d.  We are people with free will.  That free will also makes it possible to make mistakes.  We must then correct them, do teshuva, repent and return to G-d.

Chag Kasher v'Sameach
Have a Happy and Kosher Passover

Here's Latma's Passover song. So far the English subtitled version hasn't yet been posted; there are some English lyrics in it, so it's worth watching/listening even if you don't know Hebrew. The message suits this blog post.


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