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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Noam Schalit Terrorism, "Giving Back to Israeli Society..."

Noam Shalit - Yaron Kaminsky - January 9, 2012
Noam Shalit addressing the press after announcing his entry to politics, January 9, 2012.
Photo by: Yaron Kaminsky

Noam Shalit: "I want to give back to Israeli society that helped bring Gilad home..."
In Noam Shalit's announcement that he's throwing his hat in the Israeli political ring he made that statement.
"Israeli society recruited itself for Gilad in our times of trouble, and we managed to recruit Israeli society," Shalit said at a joint press conference with Labor Party chairperson Shelly Yachimovich. "Today I aspire to give back to society, as much as I can, and for this reason I am running for the candidacy."
And now, no surprise: The Shabak has published two examples of prisoners released in the Shalit deal exchange that were caught after returning to terror activity, complete article
Over the past few months since the conclusion of the Shalit exchange deal, the Shabak has been working to ensure that the prisoners released in the framework of the deal have not returned to terror activities. Two examples from recent months prove that not all of them have decided to abandon the path of terrorism, and have instead, returned to their previous terror activities.
Noam Schalit is already a politician.  He proved that during his totally focused and relentless campaign to force the Israel Government to make a deal, any deal, to appease the Arab terrorists who had been imprisoning his son, Gilad, totally incommunicado against all international laws.  He kept putting the blame on Israel, rather on the Arab terrorists and the totally hypocritical faux humanitarian sic organizations from the International Red Cross to the many United Nations Agencies who ignored Gilad's plight.

Schalit considers himself the epitome of a great father doing everything to protect his son, but that doesn't make him a good national leader.  A national leader must think of the nation above his own private concerns.

Let's contrast Noam Schalit to one of Israel's greatest heroes, who fought in the pre-State underground against the British and still is involved in the Israeli political and educational scenes, former MK Geula Cohen.  When she was asked how she would react if G-d forbid her son (now the case would be grandsons) were captured by Arab terrorists:
"I'd demand that everything possible and more be done to free him.  But I'm telling you right now that if it ever happens, you must ignore all of my demands, because I'd be thinking like a mother and not caring about the safety of other Israelis."
Geula Cohen is right.  The Israeli Government must know how to distinguish between the nation and the individual.  Sometimes, as hard as it may be, the nation trumps.  I don't trust Noam Shalit to make that distinction.  He's a dangerous man.

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