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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Israeli Flag is MY FLAG!

The other day I was walking around Shiloh and noticed some blue and whites in bloom.

Some were twinned with Shiloh flags, like fraternal twins strapped in a stroller.

Zionism is really based on Jewish, Biblical History,o and Shiloh was central in the story of our development as a nation.  Tel Aviv can't say that about its historic legitimacy!

Our Biblical ancestors had walked and climbed where these new homes are being built.  They may have even camped out on the same spot with their share of the sacrifices after worship in the Mishkan Tabernacle.

The early Zionists were dreaming of the Land of the Bible, so no doubt they had plans for Shiloh.  Then the Ben-Gurion Labor politicians agreed to foreign demands of a very reduced state, and they wiped Biblical geography from the Zionist lexicon.  They replaced it with worship of the indefensible 1949 ceasefire lines after the Arabs refused all peace moves and attacked the newly declared State of Israel.

After nineteen difficult, terror-filled years, a full-fledged war broke out as the Arab countries declared their aim to totally destroy the State of Israel and push the Jews into the sea.

June, 1967, in just six miracle filled days, G-d took over and Israel found itself with safe, defensible borders from the Jordan to the Mediterranean and from the Golan to the Suez Canal.

Unfortunately, not all Israelis understand that we must have this Land to survive and be secure and strong and we must live in it.  They treat us as the enemy, which endangers us all.

But we're strong, determined and know Whom to obey.

Chag Atzma'ut Sameach
Joyful Independence Day to All

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