Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So, It's Now: Romney versus Obama

Rick Santorum did the proper thing and dropped out of the race.  Although many Jews and Israelis, such as Caroline Glick, consider him the best candidate in terms of Israeli needs, Santorum hadn't a chance to win the United States Presidential Elections.  He's much too uncompromisingly Right on the American political spectrum.

The American political system is based on two political parties, very different from the Israeli system.  To be elected President of the United states, one must straddle the middle and have a non-extreme ideology of either Right or Left.

I don't use the terms "liberal" and "conservative," because they are confused with "Liberal" and "Conservative," which capitalized have different meanings.  The dictionary meaning of "liberal" is very different from Liberals (note the capital "L") who are terribly rigid and excluding their ideology.  It's much easier to define the American concepts of Right and Left.

Obama's victory was because he used undefined "code words," which individuals of varying ideologies could interpret however they wanted.  His campaign for "hope" and "change" was brilliant.  I don't if he orchestrated it.  I still believe that he is a puppet controlled by unknowns.

The cooperative Leftist media marketed him well.  One of the big jokes was calling him an "orator," even though he is incapable of speaking more than a few words off the cuff and was totally dependent on his teleprompter.

Since his election, he has been rehearsed better, but his speech-making is not great oration.  It's just play-acting.  I've heard great orators, great off-the cuff speakers, and Obama doesn't come close.

A lot of Americans voted for Obama because he's half-Black.  They, davka,  wanted to prove their lack of prejudice, but by voting for him because of color, they only proved that they only see his color.  That's no different from someone who was turned off by color.  They didn't really check out who would be a better President of the United States.

And if you're convinced that Barack Hussein Obama should not get another term as President of the United States, for whatever reason, then you must support Republican Mitt Romney.


NormanF said...

Most conservatives can't stand Romney or his politics. He won but there's no great enthusiasm for him. "Mitt Happens" tends to be weak and completely unprincipled.

I for one won't be voting for him in November.

Batya said...

I don't vote in American elections, but if you want Obama out, Romney is the only choice.

Unknown said...

While Santorum was the favorite of the tea party, many conservatives and moderates have taken an attitude of voting A.B.O: "Anyone But Obama." With his falling approval among leftwing voters, a three-legged circus poodle would likely win against him.

I've liked Santorum for quite some time, I loved Herman Cain, was excited about Michele Bachmann many moons back when she was still in the race, sometimes I even like Gingrich, but Romney (for better or for worse) has the most consistent, strongest support across the nation at this point. No one will love and agree with any Republican candidate 100 percent, no candidate is "perfect" (unless *cough* you're the "perfect Barack Obama," who was artfully vague in all his presidential campaign speeches, and presented by crafty liberal media as a type of "rock star messiah"), so just go with the A.B.O. voters.

I can see November from my house...

Batya said...

Classic, I'm just an expat, an observer from afar, if you want Obama out, you'll have to work for it. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed that this is what the Republicans came up with. Just as bad a choice as McCain was.

The only difference is that Americans have had 3+ years to realize just how devastating Obama really is, precisely as they were warned 4 years ago.

Heaven help America if they're stupid enough to reelect him.

Batya said...

Shy, as if the Jewish population is willing to wean itself off of the Dems...
I have no faith in they're getting smart. Democracy is rule by the masses, the dumber the more determined to repeat mistakes.