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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Faux Fatwa, Did You Say?

Considering that the Koran considers it "kosher" to do anything to accomplish their goals, including lying and murder, why don't the international leaders and shakers look beyond the fancy packaging?

As usual, I take my cue from Ruthie Blum and end up blogging about (or linking to) her twice-weekly op-eds in Israel Hayom.  Today's article is The false fatwa against Iranian nukes

Ruthie Blum

The false fatwa against Iranian nukes

In the world of Western foreign policy, when you are trying to get your enemies to put down their weapons for no other reason than that you have been pleading with them to do so, you have to bow down a bit. Then you have to give your appeasement a name that has a nice diplomatic ring to it, because it is going to be referred to in official press releases, and subsequently quoted in the media.
One especially favored phrase for this form of groveling is “goodwill gestures.” It is through such “goodwill gestures” that representatives of the P5+1 countries (Britain, France, the U.S., China, and Russia plus Germany) got Iran to grace the group with its presence at a summit in Istanbul earlier this month. At the close of the meeting, about which much cautious optimism was expressed, all the participants agreed to have another powwow, this time in Baghdad.
Holding these “discussions” on the true nature of Iran’s uranium enrichment in Turkey and Iraq was just the kind of “goodwill gesture” that was supposed to make the regime in Tehran feel at home. Proof that it had the desired effect was in the pudding: A flunkie from the Islamic Republic turned up to assure everyone present that Iran had no intention of ceasing its – uh – peaceful nuclear program.  (click for complete article)
It doesn't surprise me that most of the best political commentators are women.  We listen better.  We hear what isn't being said in words and can more accurately predict what will come next.  Not long ago I spoke to a friend who is a top simultaneous translator about her profession.  To succeed as a simultaneous translator you need even more than a perfect grasp of your different languages.  You must be able to just "know" what will be said next and you must be able to multi-task with ease.  I asked her about the gender statistics, meaning, the proportion of males and females who can actually earn a living doing it.  It is a female profession, because women are far better at multi-tasking and intuition.

Unfortunately most political and certainly security policy is made by men.  They are fools.  Yes, I've said it.  Only men can so easily fall for scams like this fatwa against Iranian nukes.

And only men could put their faith in:
Please add more examples in the comments.


Yocheved Golani said...

The world at large finds it convenient to overlook inherent dangers to the itself as it gleefully anticipates Jewish doom. Politicians know full well those nukes are for obliterating Israel. They never learn the historical lesson: HaShem ALWAYS puts the Jews back on top. We survive, thrive and show the foolish populations of the world how to be yashar. We face harsh truths (Kneset politicians excluded) and respond with yashrut.

Batya said...

G-d takes care of us, but not always immediately.