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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why Can't Israelis Love Israeli Jews?

My most recent blog post in The Times of Israel is about that crazy, miss-placed fokokt love and adoration Israeli (and other Jewish) Leftists have for non-Jews, most recently for Syrians and Iranians

This is nothing new unfortunately.  Even the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces, plans army actions to protect "innocent civilians."  That's why we waste ammunition bombing empty and deserted buildings.  And then we apologize for unintentionally harming humans.  There's a war going on.  If you don't have the guts to fight to finish you're going to lose.  Would some spiritual spinach  help?

My neighbor Avihu Keinan HaYa"D was killed in a badly planned action that protected Arab enemy civilians over the lives of IDF soldiers.  His father Moshe has been protesting the dangerous policy for years now.  Every Succot, soon after Avihu's Yartzeit, anniversary of death, there's some sort of hike in Eretz Yisrael, The Land of Israel in his memory.

It pains me that these Israelis who are promoting the "We love Iranians" and "We love Syrians" campaigns don't love their fellow Israeli Jews as much.


NormanF said...

There is a national sickness in evidence. The IDF's enraged reaction to Jews buying a home near the Machepela cave is a good illustration of it. In a normal country, soldiers and police would be not be called in to investigate a real estate transaction and no one would dream of disseminating slanderous remarks about the innocent buyers in the mass media.

Not that I expect an apology from the IDF brass for their intemperate reaction and and hitting below the belt criticism of Jews. In fact, I don't expect any one to be held accountable.

But when ahavat Israel is missing from the very army that is supposed to defend Jews, this national sickness needs to be confronted and a cure for it found and not have it be swept under the rug.

Its not too much to ask that love of one's fellow Jew to be set as an example of meritorious conduct in the highest places in the land.

Sara Layah said...

We are in desperate need of a national psychological couch!

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

It's all for show. For PR. To appease their moloch masters.

Alex said...

Excellent thought, Batya. We see this phenomenon going on in America too where the ire of the respective movements are Orthodox Jews. They'll reach out to and defend Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc in the name of "Interfaith Dialogue" but will do neither when it comes to Orthodox Jews.

It's sad because they are our Jewish brothers and sisters. They are welcome at our Shabbos tables should they want to come, but its rarely the other way around.

Perhaps you can give your thoughts on this, but I tend to think that American non-observant Jews have the same issue as Israeli secular Jews. The base issue is that Torah observance and the Jews who practice it represent a threat to their seemingly comfortable way of life and whatever political beliefs they have. For if the Torah is true, as we believe it is, then they'd have to acknowledge that there is a G-d who expects more from us. It is easier to dismiss, even demonize Orthodox Jews because they are "closer to home" as opposed to the Iranians who are far away.

Imagine if all the collective energy of the Jewish people were turned toward Avodas HaShem and learning Torah. Just imagine it. We have such incredible potential which Ha Kodush Boruch Hu gave us but we have to realize it. He's just waiting for us to.

Anonymous said...

When I see, video and news articles such as above the first thing I thought was. "gee these guys are scared" I mean really do they really love them, If so why dont they go there and march with them. No their safe and know it and want it to stay that way. Now as far a Israeli loving Israeli Jews, ummm how about we all share the love far to many look down their nose at other not really grasping the others unique circumstance in life. We all have degree's of worship, financial ability, personal challenges, some of us are shy with drawn types and other are boisterous and out and loud about it. We judge each other too harshly and do not look at our own character flaws. It does not take Moshiach to change this, last time it took a war with many Jews dieing to look at each other as equals. G-d help us if we do not change this path for the better and look to each other for support kippah or not.

NormanF said...

Israeli leftists and Arabs illegally occupied a building in Hebron and they are the ones who lecture every one else about the importance of the rule of law.

Oh wait. That's just for the Little Jews! They are above it all.

Batya said...

Norman, Sara, Alex, so true, sadly so. a, let them first look to see, help and sympathize with fellow Jews.

Anonymous said...

ya know, i also feel what is happening in syria is a tragedy.

but i am not in a position to do anything about it.

if holding up a sign makes them feel better, then so be it.