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Monday, April 23, 2012

Not A Nice Way to Be Celebrating Israeli Independence Day #64

As regular readers know, I do try to be upbeat about Israeli Independence Day and our future.  Yes, I'm not shy about my complaints.  Today I saved a few links to be possible themes or ideas for this morning's post, and I'm not very happy about what I see.

It's seems to much like Bibi, our wily Prime Minister is playing one of those "now you see it now you don't" tricks on us.  On one hand he's talking about approving communities that have been in existence for years and shouldn't even be considered as anything other than permanent, while he's letting Ehud Barak threaten other Jewish communities and neighborhoods, like Beit El's Maoz Tzur, that had been promised approval a decade ago or more.

Did Bibi train with these guys?

As you know, no matter what Israel does, we'll be condemned.  If the courts say that the property is Jewish, that's bad news for us.  We're in the wrong according to the international busybodies.  When Arabs move into Jewish towns and neighborhoods, the local Jews are condemned for not happily accepting them, but when Jews buy into Arab sic neighborhoods such as Hebron, the Jews are condemned and all sorts of legal acrobatics are performed to make the purchases illegal sic.

One thing for sure is that we can't trust Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and that the Moshe Feiglin supporters must stop voting for the Likud.  It's time to join forces with Ichud Le'umi National Union and make it a large party to be the conscience of the nation.  There's more power that way than being in a coalition noose.


NormanF said...

A large sectional party will never win more than a small number of seats. Like it or not, the parties that succeed in Israel are coalition parties. The Land Of Israel wing in the Likud needs to grow and Barak needs to be pushed out of office. As for Bibi, he won't be around forever. A lot of work remains to be done and Feiglin's supporters began working only a couple of years ago. When all is said and done they do have one thing going for them: an idea who time has come will be realized and nothing on earth can stop it.

Batya said...

Feiglin's entire idea is mistaken. There's no way he hand his supporters can take over and rehabilitate the Likud. Developing a new more ideological party on the Right is extremely important. If it can dominate a coalition, great, if not, it can control like the "old Likud" did from the opposition. A strong opposition that keeps the govt quaking has more power than ministers on strings.
Bibi's father is very old and still sharp. We may have Bibi around for a very long time.

goyisherebbe said...

The vast majority of the Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud doesn't vote for the Likud in the general election anyway. For this they are criticized by Netanyahu and others. As Moshe Feiglin pointed out, the Arabs who were signed up for Kadima to vote for Mofaz against Livni aren't going to vote for Kadima in the general election, either, but nobody complains about them. Those are the rules. As Norman points out, a sectoral party will not grow to be a major party and can always be marginalized. How about starting a faction in the Labor Party (call it Avodat Hashem?) and fill the weak but idealistic Labor movement with the successors to classic settlement-Zionist-social-justice pioneers, but this time with kipot? The trick is to keep doing things out of the box and keep the other side off balance until demography and aliya kick in and we become the majority.

Batya said...

goyish, the political parties all have their "workers," rules and customs. It's near impossible to make a dent. That's one of the mistakes Feiglin makes and goes the same for "taking over Labor." Like the NRP, they have their holdings, property etc, just not too many voters.