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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Again we set a place for Jonathan Pollard at our Passover Seder.  My kids' eccentric uncle again didn't arrive, didn't participate and didn't eat a thing.  It's like a "sick joke."

Dry Bones

Yaakov Kirschen, who is the Dry Bones creator wrote this to accompany his most recent cartoon:
Today's offering is an attempt to get a smile in a sad cartoon. For it to "work" you've got to read the punchline with a "Jewish accent".
My calling calling Pollard an "eccentric uncle" is for the same reason. There's an irony.

Early on after Pollard had been jailed by the Americans, then MK Geula Cohen was among the first prominent Israelis to support him.  My husband worked for her at the time and was sent to visit him in prison.  They became friendly, and if Pollard had been released during that time, he very possibly would have had been our guest at a Passover Seder.

Although, we're not among the present free Jonathan Pollard activists, we haven't forgotten him.  He's still invited to our Seder, and we pray to greet him when the Americans finally release him.  His imprisonment is a sign that United States Jewry isn't truly free.  They are slaves to America, like the Jewish People were once slaves to Pharaoh.  And that form of slavery isn't geographic; it's in the mind. 
  • It's the mentality, culture, value system. 
  • It's asking advice and help from an Obama.
Our help and redemption can only come from one source:

HaKodesh Baruch Hu
Our Holy and Blessed G-d


Karen said...

I worked for Dershowitz on Pollard's appeal (after he was double-crossed by Cap Weinberger). I knew some things that were not made public that greatly influenced my decision to make aliya. America has been very good to the Jews, but so were Spain, Germany, etc. in their time. I really thought that Jonathan might get out in time for Pesach this year. If Obama is reelected I'm not sure he can last another five years. But as hard it is for me to travel, I WILL be there when he lands. I've believed for 26 years and I can't give up now.

Batya said...

Karen, G-d willing we'll greet him here in Israel.

Daniel said...

remings me of the deafening silence during the Holocaust

Batya said...