Wednesday, September 14, 2011

American Unemployment, American Aid- "Manufacturing Jobs"

Dry Bones latest cartoon was the inspiration for this post about the American economy, its unemployment problem and "aid" to Israel.

As everyone must know, the American economy is the pitsUnemployment is high, and that's the focus on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election campaign

Now for one of my favorite myth-busters--  The "military aid" Israel and other countries get from the United States is really internal "economic aid" for the American economy.  It's not cash to spend wherever the recipient wants.  It's certainly not for the recipient country to develop and sustain its own military industries.  The "aid" is just a PC term for shopping coupons to use in American "stores," to prop up American businesses.  That's good for the American economy, and that's bad for some of the recipient countries, especially Israel.

Israel has military industry which is "sabotaged" by the American "gifts." That's in a couple of ways.  One is that when Israel gets the American products it weakens the Israeli manufacturers.  And two, if any of the American products are needed in anything that Israel manufactures, the United States has veto power over its usage and sales.  That weakens the Israeli economy.

Some people like to say that one "shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth," but I'm in the "beware of Greeks bearing gifts," aka the Trojan horse.

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AdonaiIsOurLiberator said...


Have American Jews Been Duped?

If you take a step back and look at the past 40 years, one can make the case that the American policy of providing assistance to Israel has had the effect, if not the express intent, of weakening Israel's political resolve,
(Golda Meir refused to launch a preemptive strike for fear of angering Washington.)
making Israel more easily bend to the American will, and has also been a means to channel and at the same time control the political energy of the American Jewish community. We saw this process begin in earnest in 1973ю

Watch this video...Israel forced to buy worthless US bonds for US "aid"