Sunday, September 25, 2011

That "P" State, I Guess It's Time to Write About The Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State Bid

Friday night, Leil Shabbat, after I had walked our guest home, we heard a strange sound in front of the house.  It sounded like a heavy truck standing with the motor going.  That's not a normal Shabbat sound in Shiloh.  We tried spying from the living room windows but couldn't see anything.  So my husband went to our merpeset, terrace/balcony, and I walked out the front door.  I saw an army transport vehicle leaving and a handful or more of IDF soldiers in all sorts of defense or combat gear.  I walked out a bit further to see if anyone looked familiar, but they were all in silhouette.  Less than a week before Rosh Hashannah there isn't much of a moon, and the streetlight didn't illuminate much.  Yes, it did seem obvious that they had landed to provide extra protection if G-d forbid Arab terrorists would be targeting us.

The media had has been urging the Arab terrorists to attack.  They want "action," lehavdil, to differentiate between the "snow warnings" when the TV "journalists" get to work extra-pay overtime to count the snowflakes on live TV.  Everyone has been predicting massive attack, terrorism etc by the Arabs to accompany Abbas's United Nations bid for statehood.

Considering that most of the most gruesome Arab terror attacks on  Israeli civilians have been totally unrelated to any action by Israel, the "security experts" have been psyching us up to suffer.  They really don't make any effort to understand the Arab terror psyche.  Check out the PMW Palestinian Media Watch to understand more.
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

The Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners' Affairs says that the PA will interpret international recognition of a Palestinian state as international legitimization of Palestinian prisoners' acts of violence for which they are imprisoned. (complete article)

I spent most of Friday at work, Yafiz, Shaar Binyamin, where Arabs and Jews work and shop together.  I traveled with a bit of trepidation, because of the big "P State" terror hype.  Does your ordinary "Arab in the street" really relate to all this?  Do they want to find themselves banned from Israeli medicine, infrastructure, security and commercial dealings?  I noticed absolutely no difference at work.  That doesn't mean that things won't change, won't get dangerous G-d forbid in the future.

Most people think with their "bankbooks."  The Arabs who shop in Yafiz and Rami Levi do so because the price is right and the goods are good.  There's no ideology involved.

One thing that world leaders and international media, including the Israeli Government refuses to remember/recognize is that as far as the Arab world is concerned, the PA's Abbas doesn't really have power. He's not recognized by all of the Arabs labeled as Palestinian sic.  That's an extremely important point which must be recognized.  Negotiating with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is like buying the Brooklyn Bridge from some guy on 42nd Street.

This modern attempts to unify Arabs who live in Gaza, Rammalla, Shechem etc into one people is based on a very dangerous fallacy.  They can't be united, because they aren't one people.  For over a hundred years to Christian world has been looking for a way to counteract Zionism and the Jewish People's rights to the Land of Israel.  The survival of the Jewish People over thousands of years of exile is a painful truth that there's a serious fault in Christianity.  That religion was invented to substitute for Judaism, and Islam was invented to replace them both.

Judaism's survival and the flowering of the Land of Israel since Zionism is a slap in the face of "western civilization." 

The invention of the "Palestinian sic People" will eventually explode on the western world and that will reverberate like the greatest tsunami ever on the entire world.

I wouldn't attempt to predict details of the future, and I haven't a clue as to how long this will all last, but the bottom line is that all attempts to make a "peaceful, democratic Palestinian sic State" will fail and the fall-out will be felt all over the world.


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