Monday, September 12, 2011

Is This "New Egypt" Still A Peace Partner of Israel?

Hat tip: IMRA for some links

After spring is summer, and here in Israel, the plants dry up and die.  Have the "Arab Spring" and long, hot summer in Egypt killed the peace between Israel and Egypt?  The Israeli Left and Center touts the gift of Sinai to Egypt as proof that we can buy peace by giving them land, our Holy Land.  But has it been true peace?  Caroline Glick calls it a cease fire, no more than that.  It has been more like the temporary energy one gets after eating a sugary chocolate bar; within a short time, one can be even more tired than before. Is the present Egyptian leadership capable of keeping even that frigid cease-fire?

Now were on the "down," post-chocolate crash, with Egypt.  The honeymoon is over.

Egyptian soldiers shot at the IDF.  Is it wise for Israel to reopen the Israeli Embassy in Egypt?

Is this "peace with Egypt" real or just a fiction?


downtown dave said...

My prayers are with the Israelis. International isolation is on the rise, but God has not forgotten His people.

Batya said...

all prayers are welcome