Sunday, September 11, 2011

Migron Video With English Subtitles

A couple of days ago, I posted the video of Migron destruction with just the Hebrew.

This is just awful.

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An open letter to Bibi Netanyahu:

All your nice talk fades to meaningless vapour, Mr Netanyahu, in light of your Hitlarian treatment of your OWN Jewish nation at Migron, with your heartless and mindless trained ‘Gestapo’ troop units and inhuman treatment of women, children and babies in the dark of night.

Refer video at

Your actions as recorded in this video make me ashamed and embarrassed to be an Israeli. It is only my Faith in the Living G-d of Israel that makes me proud to be an Israeli in these dark days of Jewish self-destruction.

There can be no greater human rights crime than forcibly removing morally exemplary people from their homes, destroying their belongings and then bull-dozing it – mostly without compensation! Hitler did it, but he was a Jew-hater and Satan inspired.

You would do well to heed HaShem’s words and directives as recorded in our history in the Bible – and to reflect on where your predecessor lies in a living dead body, after espousing similar draconic treatment of his own nation in Gush Katif.

The G-d of Israel neither slumbers or sleeps – and if even the righteous Moses received harsh judgment at the end of his honourable leadership of this same nation, we do not have to guess or speculate what the end will be of those leaders who disrespect His people and dishonor and disenfranchise them in dictatorial fashion as our enemies do!

I certainly shudder, Mr Netanyahu, for myself standing in Judgment before Him – but I certainly would not want to be in your and Mr Barak’s shoes on that Great and sure Coming Day. And it may be sooner than we would like to believe!

The Land of the G-d of Israel, promised to the Children of Avraham, can NOT be bartered away to please our enemies whom we regard as ‘friends’.

Take heed Mr Netanyahu!

And you certainly will NOT receive my vote in future!

Disgusted! – and if you think that I am pre-conceived and ill-informed, then I challenge you to LOOK AT this video and justify your actions. It is absurd in the entire world, that this is the treatment that model citizens receive from their own governments. This could only happen in barbaric, godless and in dictatorial Muslim countries.

I challenge you to refute me on this statement, in which case I shall withdraw my words and apologize to you.

Ovadyah Avrahami
Karnei Shomron

Batya said...

I highly doubt if Bibi will see your letter here.

OvadYah said...

His personal copy was forwarded to him at his e-mail address, Batya. Of course, with the same probable outcome that he will never see it.

How does one reach them and get their attention? Perhaps with a donation of $50 000 to his party included and another few hand-outs along the way?

One wonders, if he does see it, what his reactions would be - or if he does see the video that you have posted regarding the Migron abomination. Of course, he has already justified himself ... which means that only VOTING him OUT of his seat and replacing him with the RIGHT thinking type of leader is the solution.

And here lies the problem: firstly, there hardly is such a person, and if such does exist, they seem to change the moment they take that seat. Is this for money, or the stern reality od all? ... or perhaps by brutal force of threat from out of the dark background. Perhaps, we may dare to contemplate, it is WITH HaShem's approval, in order to wake up those of right spirit towards Torah, the Land and His People.

And that is the best that I personally hope for by posting it on your informative Blog. If one soul wakes up, or receives additional confirmation, then we have done something positive for HaShem's Purpose.

Therefore, THANKS for posting it.


Batya said...

We all do our best. It's Elul. We can only take responsibility for our own repentance.