Wednesday, September 7, 2011

American "Forked Tongue"

You can almost feel sorry for the Pseudostinians aka Palestinians sic.  After years of hearing support and encouragement from U.S. President Obama and many other powerful Americans, the United States is playing a different song.
After months of implicit opposition to the PA statehood bid at the UN on September 20, the US has formally asked the PA to drop the move...

In American TV and cinema "Injun language" from the last century, when I was a kid, the Indians would always accuse the white men of talking with "forked tongue," lying to them, being hypocrites.

How long will this announcement be in effect?  Is Obama just waiting to win the next election and then afterwards as a "lame duck," he'll have four more years to do whatever he wants.

A Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state would be bad for world peace.  It would be rewarding terrorism.


Leah said...

Your second to last paragraph is the one that I think Obama has in mind- his gloves would come off.

Anonymous said...

it will last until the american elections is over, NOT one second later, People have woken up. and i pray the sleeping giant too has woken up.

Batya said...

Someone I know and respect pointed out to me that there are Obama's statements withe the "I," and there are some "we" or vaguer statements from others in the White House. Very "forked tongue" for sure.

An Obama who doesn't have to worry about being reelected would be even more a danger. Originally there were statements that he only wanted one term, but apparently that was vetoed by his "handlers" as being too peculiar and suspicious. Americans, you have a job to do.