Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Yeah, Me Too"

"Yeah, Me Too"
by Sara Layah Shomron

9:30 PM and the phone rings. The pleasant, young woman's voice: Ani mitkasheret m'taam hayishuv Migron laazor l'ham... (I'm calling for the community of Migron that recently had three homes destroyed, leaving three Jewish families homeless).
Me: "You too? We're from Gush Katif; we also had our home destroyed by the government. How can I help you? I don't live near Migron."
Young woman: "Well... actually we're collecting money to help the families"
Me: "Yes, we also lost our jobs with the destruction of Gush Katif and are still unemployed."
Young woman: "eh.. b'hatzlacha,(success to you) and Shana tova".

By coincidence we're calling one another from different parts of the country asking for help from fellow victims. Yeah, me too! We must help strengthen each other...and not allow the destruction of Jewish homes to become a growth industry!


Batya said...

One thing, Sara Laya, I never give over the phone. Anyone could be calling.

Sara Layah said...

Batya, usually I ask callers to mail me information about their cause. I can then look into the organization, make sure it is one which I want to contribute, and has clear accountability or oversight in their fund usage.

Batya said...

Since anyone can learn how to con on the phone, it's best only to send checks after receiving a pamphlet and free envelope.

Hadassa said...

I've got even "better" stories. Because we don't live in one of the new "Gush Katif" communities we receive fund-raising calls for... ourselves! And then there are the calls from the Torah and Land Institute, Netzer-Ariel (they always ask if we'd like to join them), the yeshiva from Neve Dekalim, etc. I cut the explanations short...

Batya said...

I find the quickest way to end a conversation is:
"I don't give on the phone." and if they haven't already hung up on me, I add:
"good luck"