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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dirty Remnants of The Israeli Faux "Social Justice" Summer Camp

The Faux "Social Justice" demonstrations will no doubt give birth to a new political party which will run in the next Israeli Elections.  All the media backed publicity is aimed to get Likud out of power.  Leftist newspaper Haaretz is saying the same.
The Israel of 2011 needs a sober, honest leadership, but one seasoned with a pinch of the bandit's daring and chicanery. The protest is providing such a leadership a chance to appear, even if it comes from outside rather than within its ranks.
No doubt those who have been orchestrating the demonstrations are hoping to be as lucky as the ones who chose American Barack Hussein Obama and successfully propelled him, a casting director's dream, into the United States Presidency.

When I passed by the downtown Jerusalem "Horse Garden" the sidewalk was still occupied, but they were taking down the tents and making an effort to clean up.  I'm pretty sure that it's against the law to take over the sidewalk.  We can find out if a pro-Jews in Judea and Samaria would try demonstrating on that location.  No doubt that we'd be arrested and fined.

Here are some pictures. 

I wonder if it will be totally cleaned up next time I'm there...


Keliata said...

It's alarming that a new political party might be formed. We can only hope that its candidate isn't an Obama clone.

Hopefully if a new party is formed it won't become influential, something comparable to the Green Party in the US.

Keliata said...

"The Israel of 2011 needs a sober, honest leadership, but one seasoned with a pinch of the bandit's daring and chicanery "

I can't believe the newspaper used the word bandit.

MAOZ said...

And of course they managed to kill off all the grass in the process.... (a touch of irony if davka a "Green Party" comes out of this)

Batya said...

Maoz, you're right. The grass wasn't watered the entire summer because of the demonstrators.

Keli, they'll be fighting with Kadima, Labor and meretz for votes, not fringe at all. They are neither "green" nor liberal, with a small "l."