Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How The World Sees Us Jews In Judea-Samaria Versus Some Truth

This video about Jewish life in Ariel and its environs from The New York Times is about as "evenhanded" as one can expect from them.  Many Jews, especially Ron Nachman and Daniella Weiss are interviewed.  There's an Arab who claimed that his family "farmed" on the hills of Ariel, but Arabs didn't farm on distant high hills over thirty years ago.  They lived on the slopes and farmed, if at all, in the valleys.  We're here in Shiloh, just southeast of Ariel for thirty years already.  The Arab agriculture you see now is all new, mostly from the last ten to fifteen years.  So anyone who claims that his grandfather and great-grandfather had farmed here for generations is out and out lying.

Just like the fact that a large percentage of the Arabs in the area of Israel, including Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley only moved here from other places in the Arab world once the Zionist movement began and made it financially attractive, the market for produce grown here is very recent.  People eat differently today.  That includes both Israelis and Arabs.

When we first came to Shiloh, the local Arabs didn't have electric refrigeration.  Jordan, and prior to that the British Mandate, hadn't brought in modern electricity, water, sewers and telephone lines.  Only after Israel's 1967 victory and liberation of the Land did Israel invest in all of these basic services.  None of the Arabs ever tell you that!  And you won't read it in The New York Times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! Too many are blinded by the Pali myths.

Batya said...

a, thanks, share the link around of this post if you agree with it.

Anonymous said...

1.Why is it that Jewish towns need barbed wire and Arab ones don't? Who is attacking whom?

2. "Call it by it's ancient name .. The area has an ancient name, and the Jews have ancient roots in it. The Yehudim came from Yehuda.
Yet, Nablus is an Arab mispronounciation of the Roman name of Neopolis. Because the Arabs are from Arabia. What's in a name, indeed.

3. Shock, horror, Ariel is THIRTEEN whole miles beyond the Green Line, and how many single digit miles from the coast?

4. The barrier encroaching on Palestinian land. And why do we need the barrier? Mainly on account of suicide bombing. Gosh, we're so petty.

5. The Arab who claimed that his land has been stolen. I can also drive by, and say all this used to belong to me. Who took it and when? I'm sure if he had a real case he would have sued along time ago.

6. Those "angry" nationalists. Weren't they just praying? What about them was angry?

7. The map showing the elevated ridge in Yehuda and Shomron also
illustrate it's strategic importance to the coastal plain in Israel.

So you see this video actually pleaded our cause very well. You just have to know how to watch it.

Batya said...

a2 (I wish you guys/gals would give yourselves names,) re:the barbed wire, we don't have it here in Shiloh.
Yes, I did write that the video wasn't all that bad considering.