Friday, September 9, 2011

Jewish Authority in the Land of Israel

In the mid-1960's when I first began getting involved in Zionism, people still referred to Israel as הארץ Ha'Aretz, The Land.  I think that we must revive the term which has been replaced by "Israel," The State of Israel.  I guess that once we liberated the bulk of our traditional, Biblical Homeland, Judea and Samaria, Ha'Aretz became at least de jure part of the State of Israel.

Some Israelis, Leftist politicians, media and academics, had trouble from the very beginning, mid-June, 1967, accepting the miraculous restoration of Ha'Aretz, our Land.  They envisioned it as a bargaining chip.  They expected the defeated Arabs to call, begging for some peace agreement in exchange for the Land we now legally possessed.  But the Arabs didn't call.  Since then, for almost forty-five 45 years they've created a fantasy called "Land for Peace," and they are willing to sacrifice absolutely anything, including Jewish Lives, to promote it.

One of the biggest mistakes Israeli leadership, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has made has been the acceptance of the idea of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State.  This not only endangers the lives of Jews in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, it endangers the very existence, survival of the State of Israel.

In response, a new group has begun its activities, Samchut Yehudit, Jewish Authority.  I wasn't invited to the meeting, but I do support their initiative.


Gibbo said...

yes yes yes, we need more of this!!
Shabbat Shalom

downtown dave said...

Since God gave this Land to the Jews as an everlasting possession, He will not allow it to be taken away.

Batya said...

Gibbo, G-d willing this will be more than just a one-time event.

Dave, not so simple. We have lost the Land, and now we're back. We must obey G-d to keep it.