Sunday, May 1, 2011

U.S. and Europe's Foreign Interference, Nothing Has Changed Since Hitler

hat tip: ajg, which got me going on this track
Just peel away a layer or two from the news and you'll see that the United States, Europe and other foreign countries and organizations are stirring things up.  Pajamas Media writes about how the United States has been trying to control the upheavals in Syria.  Though Barry Rubin insists that the U. S. considers Syria acceptable and is supporting the Egyptian rebels.

Over the decades since then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin gave Egypt the Sinai in a grand ceremony staged by then U. S. President Jimmy Carter at Camp David, it has been revealed that Carter is zealously pro-Pseudostine aka Palestine sic and fanatically anti-Israel.

European countries and organizations fund all sorts of pro-Pseudostine aka Palestine sic and anti-Israel groups.  They support the New Israel Fund, which is a very professional organization that is known for training anti-Zionist/Israel NGO's.

For decades the United States has shown obvious favoritism to Israeli Leftist politicians and snubbed Right wing ones.  This has rarely varied from President to President, because the State Department was never pro-Israel.  Remember that during World War II FDR did everything in his power to keep fleeing Jews out of the United States and Truman had to veto the State Department's decision to vote "no" for a Jewish State.

Today we're commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day, and it's important to remind ourselves how the world didn't care that Jews were being first persecuted, then mass-murdered by the Nazis.  Most countries were happy to send their Jews off to Hitler and Eichmann for extermination.

"Never Again" is an empty slogan if we don't admit the truth to ourselves and  stop being so complacent in the face of anti-Israel political manipulation.  The world would rather establish a memorial to dead Jews than see us thrive.


Anonymous said...

Well said @ "Never Again".

Batya said...

a, thanks, we have a lot of work to do to fix things.

Hadassa said...

And look at what the nuts from Ha'Aretz have to say about "Never again":
They are nothing short of suicidal.

Batya said...

frightening and dangerous