Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Read Their Lips: The Arabs Want Israel Dead and Gone!

Hat tip: IMRA, many of the sources are from IMRA

Our Arab enemies are very blunt and honest about their plans.  They don't see a future with Israel.  They are against a "two state solution."  They won't recognize Israel nor its right to exist.  The Arabs idealize murdering Jews.

All this talk about negotiations and "two state solutions" are like Hitler's Nazi instructions to the Jews before being taken to death camps to pack their necessities valuables in a suitcase.  It just made it easier for the Nazis to steal.

I don't see the point in my elaborating on this.  Why waste words?  We must prepare to defend our country and destroy our enemies, from the inside and out!


JDL London Canada said...

Batya, its true and can see it clearly in the video but can also see our counter-protest with some pretty good sign 'dissing'as the say, for what nakba means.


Kol Tuv

JDL London Canada said...

BTW, They even had the nerve have a sign in Hebrew. Harper , to whom they refer is our Prime Minister, a very pro Israel one for a change. They couldn't bare the fact that they have 4 yrs of him and majority gov't. So much for multicultural Toronto ....

Batya said...

Thanks for the info.