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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bibi, History Hasn't Changed, Nor Has The Map

This wonderful video of the young Binyamin "Ben Nitai" Netanyahu is again going around the internet and emails.  And again it's worth watching and listening to.  The pre-politician Bibi showed himself to be extremely knowledgeable and  talented in describing the real situation here in the middle-east.

Facts, history and geography aren't like fresh milk that spoils.  The points Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made are just as true and important now as they were then, over thirty years ago.

Now, why does Bibi refuse to follow the expert advice he suggested all those years ago?


Anonymous said...

Bibi hasn't changed, either.

When you are a secular rationalist, you will step by step toss your ethnic allegiances and historical nostalgic emotions away when confronted with overwhelming opposition from a hostile world in which one imagines Hashem is but a passive observer at the most.

Batya said...

Good point.

Izgad said...

When Netanyahu said this there was still a possibility that we could simply take care of the Palestinian problem as part of a deal with Jordan. At this point that is no longer an option. So either we give them a State or make them Israeli citizens. I consider statehood the lesser evil. All of this of course assumes Palestinians who wish to honestly make peace so it is completely theoretical for the moment.

Keli Ata said...

I don't know which is worse--a Palestinian state or giving Arabs in Gaza and West Bank citizenship. Either way Israel is screwed.

Still, I think statehood whether through the UN vote in September or part of a negotation would be much more dangerous.

If the UN votes in favor of recognizing "Palestine" a state the UN could potentially have the power to send in military "peace keepers" to put pressure on Israel.

Anonymous said...

"You chose dishonour and you will have war."
- Winston Churchill

Batya said...

Izgad, you're wrong. West Berlin's nightmare was nothing in comparisan. Oops, it's long before your time.

Keli, nothing to debate.

Shy, so true

Keli Ata said...

I have a slow Internet connection so I am only a few seconds into the video--but he seems disgusted when the announcer describes him as an Israeli.

I doubt he was unconsciously giving the impression that he didn't like being an Israeli but that perhaps he felt they were trying to discredit him as biased in Israel's favor.

He just seemed annoyed at being called an Israeli.

Batya said...

It's pretty well-known that Bibi went throught a time when he weighed living in the states, but then he came home to Israel.
ps If he was 28 when this was recorded it was barely two years after his brother's death.

Izgad said...

What does West Berlin have anything to do with it. Bibi does not plan on dividing Jerusalem. And yes I am old enough to remember when there was a West Berlin. The wall came down when I was in first grade.

Batya said...

Simple, that idea Bibi has of mixed sovereignty, super-highways attaching cities or communites to their "country." Israel lost Mt. Scopus for 19 years.