Friday, May 6, 2011

Before Crossing The Street, Look Both Ways

Israelis my age and even a decade, or more, younger, which covers a good portion of those in power in politics, media and academia, grew up in an Israel without much motorized traffic.  Buses were the norm for traveling.  Buses are pretty hard to miss, especially since years ago, stops were close together, so the bus couldn't go very quickly.  They were noisy and spewed lots of black smoke.

I wonder if my peers were raised to automatically look both ways before crossing the street.

Honestly, it seems like those in power, whether politicians, the military, media etc. love to make grand announcements and decisions without ever checking "both ways," what the various ramifications could be.

Apparently, when Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made his statement about supporting the "two state solution," under conditions that nobody else has taken seriously, he had hoped that it would lessen the pressure on him and the State of Israel.  But, no surprise to me and many others, it just increased the pressure, and now he's stuck trying to get out of it.  At least I hope he's trying to do so.  As Arlene Kushner has been writing, things are bad and it's hard for the thinking Israeli to stay calm.

Americans don't have the excuse that they weren't trained to look both ways.  All State Department, C.I.A. trainees and more should be required to see The Siege to get an idea of how their foreign military training programs can turn on them.

This isn't I Robot science fiction.  You can't program a real person to follow "orders" forever.  There is no way that if a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state is G-d for bid established it won't do everything it can to destroy the State of Israel.  That's why we must fight it to stop it in its tracks!


Leah said...

It's like inching one's way toward disaster and everyone around you saying, "Watch out!" at every step and yet the gov't is saying, "But it's only an inch, what's all the fuss about?!"

Batya said...

It's more like standing on some cliff and instead people trying to get you to safety they're cheering you on to jump!

Anonymous said...

In addition to looking both ways, don't forget to buckle up. :)

Batya said...

for the bumpy ride...