Thursday, May 26, 2011

By Moshe Kahan, To my brothers and sisters in exile

I have penned a response to the Global Coalition for the Palestinian Right of Return

To my brothers and sisters in exile

You remnant of holy ancestors. You inheritors of a land flowing with milk and honey. You descendents of prophets and kings.

Oh brothers and sisters in exile, hear these words.

Seed of Abraham, liberated from bondage, bound and bonded to the sacred land,

vouchsafed as an everlasting inheritance.

Children of this great and hoary Nation, take heed.

Upturned and destroyed by arrogant conquerors, the great commonwealth of spiritual splendor spilled its people to the corners of the world. Progeny of the bitter exile, listen to my call.

The Rock of Israel has not forsaken. He has gathered and carried us home. The desolate land has blossomed for its redeemers.

Alas, those who contest are at our gates. They vomit falsehood. They defy our priviledge. The children in Israel will wear kingship.

But you who still dwell on foreign shores. Aliens in a dream.

Alas redeeming people, you must arise and take your claim.

Moshe Kahan L'ag B'Omer 5771, Beit El

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