Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama's AIPAC Speech, Where Were The Booh's?

On one hand, I don't take political speeches seriously, especially the American ones. But on the other hand they do give hints to actual policy if you listen very carefully. United States President Barack Hussein ordered a speech for his AIPAC appearance that would get him lots of cheers. I'm not cheering. I just listened to the entire speech and it's just the same as before. The consistency is what's important to note.

1- Obama takes for granted that a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State will be established on Israeli Land, and if Israel insists that it keep any of the Land it LIBERATED in the 1967 Six Days War, it must compensate the Arab terrorists by giving Land that had been in Israeli control prior to the war.  I don't see anything worth cheering about in that!
2- To "sweeten" or distract Israel and pro-Israelis from the obvious dangers, the United States will allow Israel to buy or receive military equipment.  Duh!? This doesn't sound like a very peaceful scenario.
What/Why were all those people cheering? Was there some director holding "applause signs?"

I'm not a follower. "Out of the box" is a good way to describe my way of thinking. The United States is pushing Israel to the end of a high cliff and offering a pretty umbrella. AIPAC and the Israeli and international Left are cheering him on. The Israeli "center," including our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is terrified to buck the mobs and shout:

"You're setting us up to be slaughtered, to die!"

President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. He has disrespected Israel and undermined its ability to negotiate peace. Mitt Romney


Devorah said...

Totally agree Batya.

Batya said...

Devorah, so please keep passing my post around. Maybe it will wake people up.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that there would be utter silence, from the moment Obama came in until he walked out the door.

Stupid Jews.

Batya said...

Shy, nobody seems to be paying attention to what's being said, planned, ordered etc.

Keli Ata said...

Like everyone else--many Jews and non-Jews are star struck by Obama. Personally I have never seen Obama's charisma but others have.

I also think that some Jews will embrace anyone that appears to be pro-Jewish. I really don't understand it other than perhaps the Jewish who did not boo felt Obama was flattering them.

He's a high profile president and perhaps Jews and non-Jews feel attention from Obama is some sort of flattery.

Who doesn't like to be flattered?

Isn't flattery or sin or something akin to it? I just did an Internet search and one quote reads:

Talmud says, "A community where flattery prevails will end in exile."

I only took a small piece of that quote but it does seem to make a lot of sense and applies to Obama's flattery.

Personally I would have attended the meeting and walked out. Why flatter him with our presence? Or allow ourselves to be flattered?

Another Internet search got this response from

"The worst kind of flattery, that is absolutely forbidden by the Torah, is telling someone they're good when they're sinning."

Walk out on Obama. Don't flatter him by attending his meetings. And don't allow him to flatter you. Walking out or silence still removes the flattery that Obama uses to manipulate and fuel his own ego.

Perhaps Shy can expand on this.

Gibbo said...

I not only waited for the Boo's I couldnt work out why they were cheering!! I kept on shouting at the images....'why are you cheering' my mum was shocked at my reactions and said'but he is saying nice things...' I had to leave the room ahhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Shy can expand on this.

The sound of crickets chirping during one's entrance, speech and exit, is most unflattering. IMO it's worse than booing. However, that might simply be a question of taste. Neither scenario took place and our disgraceful cheering is another stain on our history.

There is a halachic issue of actively (verses passively) insulting a leader of a nation. Look through Rashi enough and you'll find that Moshe, at several points, maintained a certain decorum of respectful behavior when in Pharaoh's presence.

Anonymous said...

For starters, Obama's formuls for Jerusalem for example is that first Gilo, French Hill, Maaleh Adumim are to be located in Palestine and only afterwards will bargaining begin to determine when Israel can be inundated with first, second, third etc. generation Arab refugees to the tune of hundreds of thousands.

And the clueless, liberal leftists from within and without parrot Amen.

Nach said...

Israel's Critical Security Needs For A Viable Peace:

Keli Ata said...

Thank you Shy:) You're right.

MAOZ said...

Walking out may not have been an option, anyway. I read somewhere that (ostensibly out of security concerns) during Obama's speech no one who was still outside would be allowed in, and no one who was on the inside would be allowed out.

I'm with Shy. Total, chirping-crickets silence would have been apropos.

Unknown said...

I did not watch the speech on the web but I did take a look at

It appears that the reaction was more honest than the impression that you seem to have taken away from it.

One rabbi told me that it is the problem of how Yaakov should deal with Esav. He felt that we should pretend to kowtow while we are in galus and prepare for war and do what we are going to do anyways.

Live-blogging Obama at AIPAC

According to this, he actually got a more honest response than expected. Before he started, one of his political allies (M. J. Rosenberg - who is often called a "J Street ally") spoke first to try to minimize the silence and the boos.

"Yes, it looks like AIPAC felt it was absolutely necessary to list Obama’s positives on Israel to head off any embarrassing boos from the crowd. They don’t seem to be buying it. Rosenberg just mentioned how the U.S. must oppose a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinians, but the applause was not earth-shattering."

"“No country can negotiate with an organization sworn to its destruction.” Standing ovation. Obama states flat-out that Hamas must recognize Israel, abide by all agreements, cease violence, and release Gilad Shalit. Yep, he’s hitting all the talking points.

“The status quo is unsustainable. That is why I stated publicly the principles that the United States believes can be the foundation” for peace talks.

DEAD SILENCE. Let me repeat: DEAD, SUSTAINED SILENCE answered this statement by Obama regarding Thursday’s speech about the 1967 lines.

Batya said...

I pulled out a couple of the concepts Obama said, which are very important to think about.
The crowd did cheer "the umbrella" to "protect" us if we're pushed off the cliff.

The "land exchange" is also much worse than most people realize.

Anonymous said...

Pamela Geller attempts to defend AIPAC:

AIPAC Applause-O-Meter

Not the way I heard it.

Batya said...

Shy, that's the problem. People copy others clapping and don't think about what has been said.

Hadassa said...

I haven't gone through speech archives, but even if Pamela Geller is correct, so what? Being pleased that Obama received less applause than Bush is like being pleased when only one leg has to be amputated, not both.

Batya said...

Hadassa, exactly, like Bibi saying that by keeping "some settlement blocks" Israel would be safe.

Keli Ata said...

Land exchange...what land does Israel get in return?