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Saturday, February 5, 2011

With The Arab World in Increasing Chaos, Let's Take a Sabbatical From "Peace Talks"

My regular readers know very well how I have no faith that the so called "peace talks" will bring peace to Israel and the Arabs.  I see things very clearly and pragmatically.  Every gesture in the name of "peace" to the Arabs has just made our lives less secure, less safe.  Some people counter with the example of Egypt, since although we had a couple of very vicious wars with Egypt, things have been quiet since they got the Sinai from us.  Well, is there a chance that the new regime will be just as "cold peace" friendly?

On one hand, Obama is trying to calm down a nervous Israel, but on the other hand the Americans admit that they totally misread the situation with Tunisia, Egypt, and the dust hasn't settled yet.  Nobody knows how much further things will spread, how many Arab leaders should be packing etc.

We have to be very cautious.  An agreement can all go up in smoke, like IKEA's Netanya store.

Israel must think of one thing and one thing only, our safety, our survival, our strength.  That will bring us peace, and now, especially when the Arab world is so volatile, we shouldn't change the status quo.

Also, remember that the Arabs aren't negotiating with an aim of peace.  They want our Land for an additional Arab State, right in our Historic Jewish heartland.  They, with the support of many countries and the Israeli Left and Center, want to establish a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State.

I hope that the riots in the Arab world will keep the busybodies too busy to bother us.

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