Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jon Voight: A Righteous Gentile

Posted by JewishIsrael

Jewish Israel welcomes Jon Voight to Israel.

What makes Mr. Voight exceptional is his very respectful approach towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Although he may be religiously inspired, Jewish Israel has observed that Voight takes a heartfelt, moral stand with the Jewish state. For those who may be unaware, Jon Voight does not identify himself as a Christian and has been studying the Noahide laws and learning with rabbis for many years now.

We feel that both Jews and Gentiles currently pursuing Israel-Christian and other interfaith ventures could learn a lot from Mr. Voight's presentation, sincerity, and respect for the lines between faiths...more


Keli Ata said...

G-d bless him! And may he be an inspiration to many gentiles honestly searching for the truth of Hashem.

Batya said...

Jewish Israel, thanks for posting this. It's good to know that we have some friends.

ellen said...

We need more like him. Such an outstanding example of a true friend