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Monday, February 7, 2011

Outgoing COS Gabi Ashkenazi at Tel Shiloh

Early yesterday morning I got a call from a Gala"tz reporter because COS Gabi Askhenazi's son and mine play on the same IFL football team.  She wanted to speak to my son about Itai, but she missed the real story which could have been our meeting Ashkenazi at Tel Shiloh

He is now on a "farewell tour," and as part of it, he was taken to Shiloh:
He had lunch with settler leaders and visited the biblical archeological site at Tel Shilo. Ashkenazi said, "There is no place like this in the world, where we can walk in the paths of our ancestors. Those of us who wear a uniform are a protective wall for the nation's special chain which began in the days of our forefather Abraham."

I'm not sure of his politics.  I'm not happy with what I've read about his political security ideas. In person I've only seen him at a football game when he sat just behind us.  We back the same Jerusalem Lions.  That's not politics.

No doubt that he's very angry with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  Bibi allowed Defense Minister Ehud Barak to push him out of office earlier than necessary.  I hope he doesn't make his political decisions on that, and if he does, then he should go Right not Left.


Anonymous said...

you know, even if you disagree with his politics, he seems like a good, honorable man, worthy of respect.

Batya said...