Tuesday, February 22, 2011

According to Jewish Law, Is Gadhafi a Mamzer?

hat tip Shy Guy

Israel Matzav has the sorry it's just in Hebrew youtube story that Muammar Gadhafi's mother's mother was a Jew who fled her Jewish husband and married a Sheik.  Carl missed that important point, that his grandmother fled her Jewish husband. So, if she fled, she didn't divorce him. The family members who were interviewed didn't mention a divorce. So if Gadhafi's mother was halachikly a mamzer. A mamzer is a child from a forbidden union like when a married woman commits adultry and has a child with another man.

Whether or not it's really true, I don't know if the family can really prove it.


Devorah said...

Whether or not his mother was Jewish, whether or not his mother was divorced.... doesn't matter.... he's still a mamzer!!

Anonymous said...

He's not a Mamzer unless the man his grandmother was with was also Jewish. A Mamzer is if a married Jewish woman is with another Jewish man.