Sunday, February 20, 2011

Huckabee Speaks at Messianic Missionary Banquet

Posted by Jewish Israel

That's not kosher chicken Mike Huckabee is eating with messianic missionary Jonathan Bernis.

Just over three months ago, Mike Huckabee was the celebrated keynote speaker at the the ninth annual banquet of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI).

MJBI is a deceptive and aggressive Christian missionary organization which exists for the sole purpose of converting Jews.

Does this indicate that there may be a serious chink in the armor of Israel's latest white knight?

Jewish Israel has written a respectful letter of concern to Mr. Huckabee and we hope to get a reply to some difficult questions.

Mr. Huckabee needs to be told in no uncertain terms that supporting Israel while simultaneously sanctioning missionary activity directed at Jews is seen as an irreconcilable and conflicting agenda by many in the Jewish community, who would otherwise enthusiastically endorse his political aspirations.

Huckabee's high profile appearances with messianic missionary leaders and performers should be of concern to Jewish leaders in Israel and the Diaspora. This is a disturbing report…more


Devorah Chayah said...

Last week's Mishpacha magazine did a mjor interview with him and never once mentioned that he was a SB pastor.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they are learning how to be good slaves.
When Moshiach comes he will turn their hearts toward Hashem and toward Jerusalem. Then we will be like dreamers, and the least of us will shine like the Malachim who lead the armies of the house of Dovid HaMelech.
For now they are just toddling around in the dark on their stiff legs with their zombies minds, because they are sleepers. They KNOW there is truth in the Torah, but because they practice Idolatry and never desist from it, their connection from Hashem is like a TV with a snowy signal; breaking up. They can smell the cholent, but cannot find the pot.

ellen said...

Jewish Israel is concerned that Torah observant activists,publications, community leaders and politicians are turning a blind eye to the growing messianic movement and Christian influence in Israel. We're concerned that Torah observant personalities are nurturing political alliances between Israel and up-and-coming Christian political personalities in America without considering the costs involved.

When will our people learn that it's OK. to assert ourselves, draw lines and say "no".

I think our true Gentile friends will respect us for it.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, Hashem will, ki'veyachol, respect us for it as well.

ellen said...

Very true and most important, Shy Guy

Joseph W said...

Look on the bright side, at least Angelina Jolie's dad hasn't done anything to offend you yet.

Leah said...

I know it sounds too easy to say this, yet I wish the "leaders" of Israel would tell them that we don't need their "help" and build up emunah in Jews and do teshuvah and mitzvos and saven to Hashem for our help and well being. It seems like it's time to say, "enough already".

Batya said...

Huckabee is running to be US President. He'll go wherever the votes are.

He may be sincere about his supporting Israel and Jewish rights in the Land of Israel. He may be good for America.

But he's a goy, and we must put our faith in G-d. And I'm glad that I live here and don't feel required to vote in USA elections.

Keli Ata said...

Huckabee getting cozy with Bernis is alarming since Jewish Voice Ministries is an international outreach ministry, and a wealthy one.

OT again but it makes me wonder which is more harmful to Israel--the xtian right who want to convert Jews, or the mainstream denominations that divest in Israel.

Flip sides of the same anti-Jewish coin.

Anonymous said...

Commenter JosephW here is from the messyanic Rosh Pina Project blog.

He's right about "us" versus "them". They do not belong here with us. Insh'Allah!

To Joseph I say it is not a question of bright or dark sides. It's a question of facts and reality.

Now, go back and worship your dead Jew on a stick mangod.

ellen said...

Once I made aliyah I also stopped voting in US elections. No dual loyalty issues for me.

However, America is still allied with Israel and Israel enjoys a good base of support from the American people. So without putting their faith in American princes, those Diaspora Jews who do vote should assert themselves as Jews and strive for an honest and respectful relationship with any man or woman whose sights are set on the White House.

That means that Huckabee will have to temper that Southern Baptist fire and assure his Jewish constituency that the Jewish people and Israel are not the target of his great commission.

Jewish spiritual continuity should be the top priority for all Jews - even if they reside and vote in America

Joseph W said...

"dead Jew on a stick mangod"

Is that the latest ice-cream flavor in Gaza?

Anonymous said...

Joseph W said...

"dead Jew on a stick mangod"

Is that the latest ice-cream flavor in Gaza?


One of 31.

in the vanguard said...

Thanks for this post. Gives a whole new perspective on the guy. Actually, since he's come out sometimes defending michelle o. idiocies, I was suspect of this guy's abilities anyhow. This, for me at least, clinches it.

Anonymous said...

That Joseph fellow. He's a "Yeshua"- pusher. A missionary dirt-bag. The kind that tries to feign he's Jewish to entrap some poor ignoramous whose seeking a spiritual lift. And this "Joseph" is eagerly waiting to suck him into his black pit, where he lives in mindset.

One other thing -
That he comes to this blog shows you that - this blog is quite successful. Because where you have kedusha, the klipa wants to come in and try and break it. So Kudos to Shiloh!