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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nixon in China, Begin and Sadat, Arik Sharon's Disengagement

I doesn't matter how convincingly a politician speaks when capmpaigning.  You never now how he/she'll react once in office.

Would anyone have guessed that Conservative ol' Richard/Dick Nixon would go to China aftrer being elected President of the United States?  Today's the anniversary.

Now China's ecomony is very strong, looking even better than America's.

Post facto, it makes sense that Mengachem Begin would want to do something unexpected, be the "peacemaker" and give Sadat's Egypt the Sinai, as if it was a flower from his private garden.  Was Nixon's China move among his inspirations for it?

And how could Arik Sharon, who was so instrumental and supportive in building Jewish Communities in YESHA, agree to banish, ethnically cleanse Gush Katif?

I'm still waiting for an American President to make friends with Cuba. 


mrzee said...

"I'm still waiting for an American President to make friends with Cuba"

I wouldn't be surprised if the current one did

Leah said...

Why not.....he was seen shaking hands and smiling wildly with Hugo Chavez. Nothing would surprise me from the ol bow down to every fascist president of ours....

Batya said...

You may find this shocking, but I don't understand the hysteria about Cuba. If you rank it with all other American enemies according to actual danger, it's a nothing.
And don't say that it's "close to Florida." Think of what Israel is forced to deal with.
Cuba is a poor country. The American boycott has been very effective for the past 55 years, or has it been longer.