Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shvut Rachel is Getting Closer

It used to be that we'd look out our front windows and only see an empty valley.  At night we'd see, and still see, lights from the other side of the Jordan. Considering our Betar background, living in Shiloh, where we can see two sides of the Jordan, just like we sing in the song, "Shtay Gadot LaYarden."

After our neighbor Rachella Druk was murdered two things were immediately established in her memory, the Shiloh Cemetery and the community of Shvut Rachel.  It once seemed far away, but more houses and caravans are popping up in the valley connecting us.  There are many young families moving in. Rachella would have liked that.


Anonymous said...

it should only continue like this!

Batya said...


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