Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mount Zion, Jewish For Sure

A few weeks ago, I found myself wandering around Mount Zion with the best tour guide imaginable, Rabbi Goldstein of Yeshivat HaTfutzot, the Diaspora Yeshiva.  It was the highlight of my adventure with a lantzman.  Some of you may recognize the other person in the pictures.  That's Ruby Harris who was one of the regulars in the lengendary Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

I'd like to leave you with the music, that still reverberates on the Holy Site.

And just remember, if Jesus ever did have a meal there, he ate it as a Jew. The Vatican doesn't like to remember that. I have no doubt that Jesus wouldn't like that new-fangled religion trying to take over the Holy Jewish site.


yaak said...

I just saw him last Motza'ei Shabbat.

Batya said...

Ruby or Rabbi Goldstein?

yaak said...