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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Housecleaning, Clean the Traitors Out

Double hat tip, IMRA from MEMRI

Israeli Knesset Member Hanin Zou'bi:
I Do Not Represent the State of Israel but the Palestinian Struggle

In an interview for the website Elaph.com, Israeli Arab Knesset Member Hanin Zou'bi of the Balad party said that she sees herself as a representative not of Israel but rather of the struggle of the Palestinian people, and as such does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Zou'bi attacked the Palestinian Authority, which she claimed no longer stands for Palestinian rights, and called on the PLO to effect a reform which would grant Israeli Arabs a voice in its leadership.

Following are excerpts from the interview:

Q: "...How can you expect the country in whose parliament you are a member to keep quiet about such activity [i.e. your participation in the Gaza flotilla]? In France, a member of the National Assembly would not dare to act thus against the French state..."

Hanin Zou'bi: "...My situation is different. I do not represent the State of Israel or speak in its name, but rather in the name of the [Palestinian] struggle, which does not in any way recognize Israel as a Jewish state. [I speak] in the name of a struggle that is performing a role precisely opposed to that of the Israeli Knesset, from the [Knesset's] standpoint...

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Moriah said...

"I do not represent the State of Israel or speak in its name, but rather in the name of the [Palestinian] struggle"

Yamach Schmam!

Anonymous said...

Israeli tax payers are paying the salary of this person? how come she was not thrown out yet? Israeli government is the most strange in the world. this is how it gives its ememies more power to destsroy it from within and without.

Batya said...

Outrageous! I agree. How can you expect Abbas to control terrorists when we can't keep their supporters out of Knesset?

Anonymous said...

Knesset oath of office:

"I pledge myself to bear allegiance to the State of Israel and faithfully to discharge my mandate in the Knesset."

Buh-bye. Throw her over the wall into Gaza.

Batya said...

exactly, why hasn't it happened?

Anonymous said...

Answer: stupid Jews.

Batya said...

yes, dangerously true

Hadassa said...

Gaza is too good for her. It's part of Israel anyway.

Batya said...

Yes, Gaza had a strong Jewish community until the British did some ethnic cleansing there and threw the Jews out. I have neighbors descended from those Jews.