Monday, September 27, 2010

Really Surreal, Facts and Fiction in The Holyland

I just came back from a lovely few hours at Tel Shiloh.  There were totally peaceful and enjoyable activities for the entire family.  You wouldn't have believed that international politicians, diplomats and the media are raising a storm about our living in our historic and holy Land. It sure seemed quiet and relaxing here.

All this talk about "the talks" is just causing the Arabs to feel that it's in their best interest to attack Jewish Israelis.  That's because they're afraid that if Israel hands their home to Arab rule, G-d forbid, they'll be in trouble if they don't have proof  that they didn't cooperate with Israel.  And the best method for guaranteeing their "life insurance" is to attack innocent Israeli Jews.

Life was a lot more peaceful prior to all these peace talks.  "Peace" is very dangerous to our health and survival.  That's because the stuff that's being marketed to us isn't real peace.  It's a dangerous placebo.


Jew Wishes said...

Peace is definitely not all it appears to be, in reality.

Batya said...

Maybe it can be best described as a serious case of mislabeling...