Sunday, September 12, 2010

How's Bibi Netanyahu Going To Escape From The Quicksand?

I had been thinking of comparing Israel's ensnarement in the faux Peace Talks as like being caught in a thornbush, but I honestly and truely hope that we can escape unbloodied.  Then I thought of one of my favorite movies, Blazing Saddles and its quicksand scene. 

It matches better, because when it all G-d willing, falls apart, you can just hear Clinton and Obama spinning wildly to save themselves, their political careers, the $400- cart, rather than caring one iota about the State of Israel and its citizens.  In the movie, the black slaves escape, because the smarter one realizes that he's standing on the tracks and follows them out to safety dragging his friend along.  That's similar to the Wizard of Oz's Dorothy discovering that the Ruby slippers she had been wearing had the power to return her home.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is forging ahead for "peace," but the "PA" glorifies Arab terrorists

Bibi is sinking deeper and deeper in the quicksand.  The pressure will only get worse.  We never hear Bibi threatening to leave if Arab and/or American demands cross our "red lines."  Or is it that Israel doesn't have any "red lines?"  That's bad news.  Our government must have some standards.

Let's pray for wisdom for our politicians and that G-d forgives us all for voting them in.


in the vanguard said...

Batya, you say, "we never hear Bibi threatening to leave if demands cross our "red lines." ".

He must stop talking to the other side - completely. An agenda to talk about something acknowleges there's room for talk. There is NOTHING to talk about when it comes to offering up Jewish land!

The red line is TALKING TO THEM. There is nothing to talk about. Period.

Batya said...

van, that's for sure
He should never have started.

Hadassa said...

Unfortunately Bibi isn't even trying to escape the quicksand. One of his latest statements is that most of the country is in favor of a Palestinian state.

Batya said...

makes it even harder