Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peace? Get Real!

There are too many lies clouding people's minds.  This sort of New York Times pro-Muslim propaganda reminds me of the joke about the person who murdered his parents and then asked the court for mercy, because he was orphaned.  It's full of lies and distortions.

While Israel marches blindly into the snare of "negotiations," the Arab terrorists continue to attack us.  Get real!  What's the point?  You can't "make peace" with people who want to annihilate you, so why hasn't the Israeli Government told Obama, Clinton, Blair etc to get packing and leave us alone?  Instead, Israel is considering yet more suicidal "gestures" to the terrorists.

All those smiles make me very nervous.  They remind me of Little Red Ridinghood's wolf!

What will it take for our Israeli politicians to wise up and face reality.  That's no grannie in bed!


Ron - USA said...

The land belongs to Israel - I fear what will happen to those who try and take away the Promised Land from the rightful owners. They will be severly punished by the G-d of this universe. There will be no peace until Messiah (Jesus) returns with His Saints! Christians are praying for true peace that only Jesus may bring! Shalom!!

Batya said...

Good intentions, maybe, but Ron, your Jesus won't bring peace. True peace will come when my Jewish People stand up for HaKodesh Baruch Hu and do exactly what we're told to in The Jewish Bible.

Anonymous said...

So Ron, you're saying that your prayers are Only for Yoshke's return and that result is peace. Why not "participate" in the bringing of peace, (Tikkun Olam). If the Xtian desires peace, the way to bring it about, without tribulation, is when the Xtian finds a lost Jewish soul, return that soul to its family and refrain from the theft of that soul to a family that is alien to Judaism.

bataliyah said...


What you described is EXACTLY the way I see it. It's all a dangerous charade. There is no political solution. Only Hashem will get us out of this mess. I often think that, for whatever His reasons, Hashem has blinded our political leaders to the simple truth as you explained it. Ein od milvado.

Anonymous said...

Ron, the only thing good about your dead Jew on a stick is that he's dead.

Thanks for dropping by!

Batya said...

bataliyah, It does seem so clear. I can't understand why we're in the minority.

Shy, thanks!

bataliyah said...

Ouch. Shy Guy's comment to Ron made me wince hard. We may have different theologies and conflicting ideas about how this difficult situation will get resolved, but Shy Guy's "dead Jew on a stick" comment was beyond mean and not befitting a Jew anytime, let alone during these awesome days. I'm shocked that you let it stand and even thanked him for it.

Anonymous said...

Bataliyah, if you wish to cower and dance in front of the goyim like the galus yid you sound like, that's your problem.

When a christian comes on to a Jewish blog blathering about their pagan savior myth, they should be given a kilo or 2 of truth.

Keli Ata said...

Shy's response was sharp, however Batya is right.

Coming on to a Jewish blog and pushing JC is rude and disrespectful.

I've read the dead Jew on a stick comment enough in J chat rooms on Yahoo that it doesn't shock me.

Sigh. Why does Christian love always come wrapped in Christmas paper?

Hashem is the only answer to Israel's problems. It will of course require action but actions based on His words in the Torah.

I'd have a better comment but I am dead tired.

Batya said...

bataliyah, I debated deleting Ron's comment. This is not a blog for promoting Jesus. Normally I don't get into theological debates with cristians at all.

Shy, Keli, thanks

Anonymous said...

Keli Ata said...

Sigh. Why does Christian love always come wrapped in Christmas paper?

Because theirs is a foundation of falsehood, farce and evil.

bataliyah said...

Shy Guy -

Believe it or not, I actually agree that Ron's comment about Jesus on a Jewish blog was, minimally, misguided, and even potentially offensive.

But wow. I suggested that the situation called for a bit of Derech Eretz, for disagreeing without being nasty, and without knowing a thing about me, you felt free to accuse me of "cowering and dancing in front of the goyim and being a galus yid." And just moments before Yom Kippur.

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Batya, when you accused me of making comments "not befitting a Jew anytime", you presented your own ignorance of what's befitting a Jew when confronted by the chants of an Oved Avodah Zarah in our faces.

I repeat: yours is a galus attitude. It has nothing to do with knowing you or not.

Anonymous said...

I meant to address "Bataliyah", not "Batya", in my post above.

Claudia1709 said...

Well gees Ron I am an American Christian too that subscribes to the don't try to tell the Jews what they should be doing or thinking school. I know that many feel it is an imperative but many of us feel that it is our example that counts, not our preaching. The Jewish State of Israel is their's, not ours, despite all those years studying the "Old" Testament and learning all our hero's, Abraham, Moses, King David, Joseph lived and built a wonderful heritage we share with the Jews.

My Jewish friends were surprised to learn that we learn as much about that heritage that gave us the Ten Commandments as we learn about Yeshua.

On topic, I hope that the Israeli gov can stand strong considering the pressure put on Netanyahu to make concessions because of course the Muslims will never make one. At least Bush recognized there was no point in a peace process, but liberal Obama/Clinton is determined to drag you through it all again. Well, your diaspora buddies voted for him so this is the price you pay. I hope eventually Jews will wise up to whom their friends are.

I hoped Bibi would be different this time around, until he appointed Barak defense minister. Now I have no confidence in him.
Do know you have the loving support of the majority of Americans!

Anonymous said...

Claudia1709 said...

At least Bush recognized there was no point in a peace process


Um...... "Road Map", held up to Israel with a shotgun.

Bush's Sr. and Jr. are Saudi tuches lickers - not friends of Israel.

Claudia1709 said...

Perhaps if Shy Guy cut the nasty retorts it would reflect better on this site and certainly better on him. But of course it is a Jewish site and obviously he has nothing meaningful to say to anyone else. I have visited Israel and know that most Israeli's are happy to talk about their lives and what we have in common to strengthen our ties, that being Americans and Israeli's, not necessarily Christians and Jews. Big difference I think and nothing you are interested here.

Have a peaceful Yom Kippur.

Anonymous said...

Please note Claudia's differentiation between Israelis and Jews.

Draw your own conclusions, my dear fellow Jews.