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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back To The Real World

My three day news moratorium has ended.  It was so easy and pleasant to fill myself with holiness during the Rosh Hasanna + Shabbat long escape from reality. The "good news" is that we'll have these three day escapes quite a few times in the next ten years, but the "bad news" is that the rest of the world doesn't change.

This past Friday, as good Jews all over the world were begging G-d to accept our repentance and forgive us, U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama was pounding away with his mantra that Israel must discriminate against Jews and forbid us to build in our HolyLand.  Obama's agenda is clear.  Jews must leave the Land of Jewish History, where the Bible narrative took place and give it to the very same Arabs who want to destroy us. 

Hey, wake up hypocrites near and far.  That's blatant racist and religious discrimination.

And back here, closer to home, not all Israelis had a quiet Rosh Hashannah.  Gazan Arab terrorists fired rockets into southern Israel over Rosh Hashannah.

It doesn't look like the Arabs are preparing for peace.  Does it?


Bryan said...

I don't understand why Israel is negotiating with the PA at all if they don't even control all of the territory that they claim. I mean, really. This is a farce. I think the Israeli government would absolutely be justified in saying "come back to us when you or they control all of 'your' territory, but we won't negotiate for halfsies."

And how kind of my President to interrupt Rosh Hashanah to say that Jews should stop trying to live normal lives in the Jewish heartland. L'shana tovah u'metukah to you too, jerk.

Batya said...

Bryan, I agree. Nothing makes sense.

Lady-Light said...

Hope you had a wonderful chag. I did: my daughter came in for a surprise visit (she had 'sworn' up and down that she wasn't coming)!

Our President is ridiculous. It is plainly an olam hafuch.

Too tired to write more now (it's 11:44 p.m. motzai Shabbat).

Batya said...

Sounds wonderful that you have your daughter for a visit. We were pretty alone for the chag.

they say that Yom HaKipurim is "kiPurim," like Purim.