Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Using Their Words, Why I'm Against the New Israel Fund NIF

This is the plain text of an promotional fundraising ad I got as an email from the New Israel Fund.  Read it carefully.  I inserted the emphasis/bold:
Dear Friends:

We are NIF. And we believe in an Israel that values social justice, human rights and democracy.

Over the last year, many people have tried to define the New Israel Fund for their own purposes. Now it's our turn. Over the past three decades, NIF has dedicated itself to building a better Israel. We are for equality for women... We are for narrowing the growing gaps in income and opportunity...We are for an Israel that allows every stream of Judaism to flourish... We are for preserving dwindling green space and environmental justice... We are for equalizing civil rights for the Palestinian, Ethiopian and other minorities...

We are the New Israel Fund.

We want you to get involved, and the best place to start is by learning more about us and what we do. visit If you like what you find then...

•Send your friends, family, and colleagues - or anyone who should to know that there is a way to support Israel that makes sense for people with progressive values - to
•'Like' us on Facebook - we've added thousands of fans this year, but others need to know that loving Israel can come in a social justice flavor
•Tell the world with your own short video why you support the New Israel Fund.
•And, of course, donate. Because it's important to you that Israel continues to vigorously defend civil and human rights for everyone; because you see yourself as a partner with Israelis working for meaningful social change; because you think Israel should respect and recognize many Jewish religious expressions; and because you, like us, want to see Israel embody its own best ideals.
We wish you a happy, healthy New Year. Yes, We Are NIF - and you are, too.


Daniel Sokatch

Here are some of my points countering what the NIF wrote:
  • Nothing is mentioned about Jewish values and religion, just vague Leftist terminology like "social change" and "best ideals."
  • Their "human rights for everyone" does not include Jews who value living in all parts of the Land of Israel or try to pray in Jewish Holy Sites like the Temple Mount.
  • They equate Pseudostinians aka Palestinians sic with Ethiopians.  Does this mean that they don't consider our Ethiopian citizens to be legitimate Jews?
  • According to their very own words, their ideal Israel isn't Jewish.  It's not based on Torah values.
Therefore I strongly oppose donating to the New Israel Fund.


Unknown said...

If they include a stamped self addressed envelope, fill it with their material and send it back to them. They will have to pay the postage. While it is minimal, it forces them to waste time and spend money, a good result.

Batya said...

This came as an email from JTA.

danit@israel said...

*We are for equality for women*-this is the frase that gave me an opinion about this organization. have you ever seen on saturdays dads walk with kids while their wife talk and drink coffe with friends? i saw it many times. and i have never seen it in any other country. organization that want to fight against the problem that does not exist makes me sceptic.andf -i am woman.

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts on this---

They say they want all branches of Judaism to flourish. Does that mean "Messianic" Judaism? If so, it's disturbing.

Also, equal rights for "Palestinians." Hmm. I thought the "Palestinians" wanted their own nation? Now they want rights as both Israelis and "Palestinians."

What? A sick form a dual citizenship in which they can screw Israel left and right, derive all sorts of benefits from Israel and still have their own land and obtain all the freebies the international community throws at them?

The scary thing is, that had I not been reading Jewish blogs for a few years now, I wouldn't have been this discerning about it and probably would have donated to any fund that seemed Pro Israel on the surface.

The whole email reads like it came out of Obama's office. They have a lot in common with him in the deceptive language department.

Keliata at a remote computer having trouble with Blogger log in.

Batya said...

danit, it's one of those popular slogans, yes, just a slogan, not so simple

a, yes, I see lots of problems with their aims.